Tale of 2 cities: MP Mark Field

Mark Field has been the the Cities of London and Westminster's MP since 2001.

City of Westminster & London MP Mark Field talks about splitting his duties across two iconic constituencies

TWO of the world’s most talked about cities share a border right here in the UK’s Capital, and in this City Matter’s In Profile, Mark Field MP opens up about his pride at serving both Westminster and the City of London.

City Matters: You hold quite an unrivalled status in that the epicentre of British politics is in your home patch, is this something you reflect on often?
Mark Field MP: My 649 fellow MPs may try and share the sentiment, but there is something very unique about being at the heart of the business, financial and cultural hub of the country.
It is something I am quite proud of and think about on a regular basis, yes.

CM: In your opinion is there a tangible divide between the two cities?
MF: Interestingly, it is worth noting that 10% of my voting constituency comes from the City of London, while 90% are registered in Westminster.
There has always been quite a divide, historically, stoked by the closely guarded privileges of the City of London; but day-to-day concerns of residents across the Capital in everything from integration to counter-terrorism schemes have called for a more concerted partnership. This has caused the divide to become less pronounced and nowadays London is a global brand that both cities are working hard to promote.

CM: Operating between two major epicentres of activity must have its challenges…
MF: Well, the City certainly takes up more than 10% of my time despite the way the constituency as a whole shapes up!
The upside is that there is no commute; but even that is a double-edged sword as there is no chance of an alibi for missing a Tuesday morning meeting!

CM: So, what then, out of all its bounty, is your City of London highlight?
MF: Looking out the window right now (on the way home) I can see St Paul’s Cathedral which is just the most magnificent building.
But other than that I would recommend going into the City of London at the weekend, when the hustle and bustle has subsided, and take in the wonderful sense of history that exists on every street corner.

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