Mindful meditation classes in the City of London


Burnout isn’t just a word we throw around when feeling a little stressed, it is a real struggle, and more and more of us are dealing with it.

According to Mental Health UK, 85 percent of UK adults correctly identified symptoms of burnout. What’s more, the charity revealed that 46 percent of UK workers feel ‘more prone to extreme levels of stress’ compared with a year ago.

Taking time to stop, evaluate and be present has a number of benefits to your mind, body and soul. Plus, the simple act of being peaceful can help you understand your needs better too.

So, what better way to be more mindful of your body, while combating stress and anxiety, than a meditation class?

We’ve searched high and low in and around the City of London to find you some of the best meditation studios to help you feel zen. Altogether now, breathe…

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As the name suggests, GONG focusses on healing meditation classes using gong baths for sound therapy.

Likening a sound session to time in a flotation device, the soothing vibrations of the gongs are said to induce a meditative state and make you feel weightless. The powerful sound waves help to release blocked energy and restore balance. You’re sure to leave feeling refreshed and incredibly relaxed.

GONG not only offers sessions in its studio, but also the opportunity to provide a gong bath session online, in your workplace, as well as your home. GONG also offers training classes, so you can recreate a session at home for yourself and impress your friends.

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Beeja Summer Retreat


If you’re looking for something more substantial or want to grow your knowledge of mindfulness, why not try a beginner course into meditation through Beeja? Beeja offers powerful healing meditation courses online. Across three sessions via a live broadcast, the beginner’s course will teach you meditation techniques that will help you adapt your way of thinking and ease you into the world of mindfulness.

Not only online courses, Beeja also has a full events schedule to help you practise your techniques with others, which will inspire you to continue on your journey. From regular group meditations, to World Meditation Day live music events, and even Shavasana Disco, there’s something for all ages and abilities.

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The Now Project

The Now Project

Located in the Neal’s Yard Covent Garden store, you’re invited to join a six-week mindfulness and meditation course to help you stress less and find more peace. Learn how to master your thoughts and feel happier and healthier than ever before. The course is ideal for those looking to grow their understanding and transform how they deal with trauma and daily struggles. The Now Project also provides retreats for those looking to get out of London for a three-day break. You are invited to empty your mind of destructive thoughts and awaken a calmer self.

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