Lord Mayor seeks to strengthen UK-Swiss financial ties


Lord Mayor William Russell heads to Geneva for a one-day visit today (26 February), where he will be discussing the future of the UK-Swiss relationship in financial services.

The Lord Mayor will be meeting The British Swiss Chamber of Commerce and participating in a roundtable with Geneva-based financial firms, in which he will make the case for continuing strong regulatory cooperation between the UK, Switzerland and the EU.

The UK and Switzerland are two of the world’s three biggest exporters of financial services, while Switzerland is the second-biggest investor in the UK’s financial services industry after the USA.

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William Russell, Lord Mayor of the City of London said: “The UK’s relationship with Switzerland in financial services is hugely important, and together our two countries have significant influence over the sector globally.

“As the UK begins a new chapter in its trading history, it will remain a key partner for regulatory cooperation with both the EU and Switzerland.

“Today, I look forward to discussing ways in which we can work together to solve common challenges, especially as the global economy becomes ever more digitised.”

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