Lord Mayor of London looks to build business ties with North East


The Lord Mayor of London has visited Durham and Newcastle to boost business ties with the North East.

It is the first time a Lord Mayor of London has visited the two cities, during which he met business leaders from the local financial and professional services sector and, as alumni, senior figures from Durham University.

As an ambassador for the UK’s financial and professional services industry, the Lord Mayor used the meetings to foster a closer relationship in the sector as part of the City Corporation’s ambition to support the financial and professional services capabilities of the whole UK.

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The visit was also used to champion creativity and culture as part of the Lord Mayor’s ‘Global UK’ agenda which promotes growing global trade and investment, boosting innovation and a rich and vibrant cultural and creative economy.

William Russell said: “Both Newcastle and Durham have excellent access to talent via world-leading universities, and as a result have built increasingly recognised financial and related professional services and innovation hubs.

“While this sector has its historical roots in the City, it is a UK-wide industry, and it is collectively that we succeed. After all, two thirds of the financial and professional services industry is based outside of London.

“We are determined to work with other cities and regions because we know that a strong domestic economy means a stronger, more competitive UK on the world stage.”

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