London’s historic streets brought to life with Picture the City

Picture the City

The Bank of England Museum has teamed up with Google Arts & Culture to explore the history of key locations across London.

Picture the City, which will take place from January 12 until March 20, uses landscape paintings from the Bank of England Museum’s archive and places them side by side with the street today.

As part of this exhibition, Picture the City will use eight landscape views of the City of London from locations including London Bridge, Ludgate Hill, Waterloo Bridge and Covent

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Picture the City

Garden to show how much the area has changed over the last 300 years.

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The exhibition will be available to view online on Google Arts & Culture, but also on the streets too with temporary signage bringing historic scenes to the 21st-century streets.

The featured paintings include London Bridge from Pepper Alley Stairs (1766) by Herbert Pugh, The Old Stocks Market (1725-1730) by Joseph van Aken, Covent Garden (c. 1705-1710) by Jan Griffier I, and Whitehall Palace and St James’s Park (1676-1677) by Thomas Wyck.

Bank of England Museum Curator, Kirsty Parsons, said: “Picture the City will use landscape paintings to show how the economic landscape of London has changed over the past centuries.

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Picture the City

“This exhibition explores how people of London have always been looking for ways to live, work and play in the city, and the ways in which our daily lives have both changed and remained the same.”

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