London Stock Exchange CEO receives City of London Freedom

London Stock Exchange CEO receives City of London Freedom
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In recognition of her outstanding career in the UK financial services industry and her promotion of women’s contributions to the City, Chief Executive Officer of the London Stock Exchange, Julia Hoggett, has been awarded the Freedom of the City of London.

Julia is Head of Digital & Securities Markets for the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) and Chair of the Capital Markets Industry Taskforce (CMIT) on top of being the CEO of the London Stock Exchange.

She previously worked as Director of Market Oversight at the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) after joining in 2014 to run the Wholesale Banking Supervision Department.

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Julia began her career in JP Morgan before later becoming a Board Member and CEO of DEPFA ACS BANK in Ireland and then Managing Director at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Julia holds a degree in Social and Political Sciences from Newnham College, Cambridge University and undertook a research scholarship at Kings College, Cambridge University on public policy in East Africa. She has been named in Financial News’s 100 Most Influential Women in Europe’s Financial Markets six times and has been an active speaker on Diversity and Inclusion in the City for two decades.

Julia was nominated for her Freedom award by Lord Mayor of the City of London, Nicholas Lyons, and City Corporation elected Member, Florence Keelson-Anfu, who attended her ceremony at Guildhall with invited guests.

Speaking after the ceremony, Julia Hoggett, said: “London is unique across the world in having such a long-standing and stalwart advocate for our financial services ecosystem in the City of London Corporation and the Lord Mayor. Having that remarkable history provides a platform for the evolution of our industry to ensure we continue to serve the wider economy and through that positively impact the lives of people up and down the country. I remain committed to working closely with the City of London Corporation in the years ahead in service of that vital objective.”

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