London City Airport turbulence

London City Airport. Photo: Ben Walsh

RESIDENTS have renewed their efforts to get a decision to allow concentrated flight paths in and out of London City Airport overturned.

The international transport link implemented controversial changes to the routes of arriving and departing jets in February this year after the Civil Aviation Authority gave it permission to do so just before Christmas 2015.

The alterations mean that planes are confined to certain corridors of airspace, subjecting some households to unabating disturbances.

Campaigners from HACAN East – a residents’ group set up in 2011 to represent the views of people affected by both noise and pollution from the airport – want chiefs to reverse their new policy following “deep anger” in the local community.

In a letter to the Hackney Citizen, Chairman John Stewart said: “Since the decision was taken, complaints to London City Airport have shot up. It not surprising. The noise for some people has become unbearable.”

Mr Stewart said dialogue had been opened with the airport but stressed that increased action is on the way.

“The good news is that City Airport might look again at its concentrated flight paths,” he said.

“At a recent meeting we had with them, key managers said they had ‘not closed their minds’ to reassessing the flight paths, but it would not happen for another year.

“Meanwhile, the pressure is likely to increase. Meetings are planned in a number of areas. MPs, London Assembly members and leading councillors have joined the campaign.”

A £344million expansion programme at the airport was signed off in July. A new terminal, aircraft taxiway and improved public transport links were all promised as part of a package that will deliver 2,000 jobs.

The project will increase the number of arrivals and departures at the airport from 70,000 per year to 111,000.