Livery Schools Link launches national campaign to help students increase employability 


Livery Schools Link has launched a national campaign to enable all members of Livery Companies and Guilds to connect with their local schools and support students with activities such as motivational career talks and work experience.

David Barker, a director of Livery Schools Link, said: “Covid has affected all of us, but especially it has impacted the young people in our schools. We all must do what we can to engage, inspire and support students to reach their potential.”

There are over 110 Livery Companies and Guilds in the UK, and between them over 50,000 Freemen and Liveryman covering all employment sectors and career paths.

“Between us, we can make a real difference for students in the communities where we both live and work. We have been working to date in the Greater London area but we needed to widen our geographical base,” David added.

To achieve such scale, Livery Schools Link has partnered with two well established charities in this space – Inspiring the Future and Speakers for Schools.

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Both organisations already link volunteers with schools in the state sector and have the infrastructure to support Livery Schools Link’s ambition to help.

Lis Goodwin, chair of Livery Schools Link, said: “With the impact of Covid on children’s lives, it is important we can develop our network of Livery and Guild volunteers as quickly as we can.

“By partnering with Inspiring the Future and Speakers for Schools, we know there will be opportunities available for our volunteers to get involved no matter where they are in the UK.”

Within three days of launching the campaign, volunteers have already signed up from twenty one Livery Companies and Guilds and the number is rising quickly.

If you are a member of a Livery Company or Guild and are interested in volunteering to help, you can sign up to the volunteering platform here.

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