LCCI launches London Chamber of Arbitration & Mediation in response to crisis


With Covid-19 continuing to ensure an increasingly unpredictable environment in which to do business, London Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI) has launched a new company to help firms resolve disputes.

The London Chamber of Arbitration & Mediation (LCAM) is offering arbitration, expedited arbitration and mediation services, delivered by a diverse expert panel of arbitrators and mediators with many years’ experience in alternative dispute resolution.

Richard Burge, LCCI chief executive, said: “For many businesses, this is the most unprecedented time in which they’ve had to operate. Covid-19 is testing, and will test, many aspects of the economy and existing business arrangements and contracts.

“The London Chamber of Arbitration and Mediation will have an important role to play in supporting companies within this context and we’ve gathered an expert panel to assist in doing that.

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“Knowledge of dispute resolution services empowers a business, puts a business in control and provides a path to resolve disputes in a constructive and efficient way.”

Using blockchain technology, LCAM’s services provide rapid and secure case management delivery, whilst a fixed-fee and cost-effective structure provides certainty to businesses regarding dispute resolution.

Jonathan Wood, LCAM board director and chair of the board of CIArb, said: “Businesses can look to LCAM at any stage when considering how a dispute might be resolved, from drafting your contract to managing a dispute once it has arisen.”

Jane Player, LCAM Mediator, added: “This service offers fast, effective and cost efficient dispute resolution but it can also be used to enable immediate facilitated engagement for business issues that are bubbling to the surface for members and their suppliers and customers alike and so hopefully avoid disputes altogether.”

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