IT Livery announces new charity award

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The Worshipful Company of Information Technologists (WCIT) has brought the traditional philanthropic role of the City’s livery companies firmly into the information age, announcing a new award for charities using digital innovation to do good.

The Charity IT Award is a single award of £750,000 that will go to a charity running a project that uses information technology to support those dealing with disadvantage, disability or social exclusion or improve educational opportunities for young people around the UK.

Entries will open from 23 April, with applications judged by an expert panel that includes businessman and philanthropist Sir Kenneth Olisa OBE, founder of software development charity Raspberry Pi Dr Eben Upton CBE, Trust for London CEO Bharat Mehta CBE and City sheriff Tim Hailes.

In 2017 the WCIT Charity donated more than £200,000 to good causes, and clerk Mike Jenkins said the new award will support those championing innovation in the philanthropic sector.

“The WCIT Charity is offering its first ever Charity IT Award of £750,000 to champion the transformative power of IT to help charities have a bigger impact on people’s lives,” Mr Jenkins said.

“This underscores the continuing relevance and role of the livery in the 21st century.”

Applications for the award close on 18 May, with the winner announced on 10 October. Find out more about the award on the WCIT Charity’s website.