Interview: Peter Weeden at The Culpeper Family Group

Interview: Peter Weeden at The Culpeper Family Group
Credit The Culpeper

We sat down with Peter Weeden, Head of Sustainability at The Culpeper Family Group to discuss his hopes for 2024 and the challenges a City London pub faces. Read on to find out more.

Q. Tell us about The Culpeper.

A. Well the Culpeper is a London pub, but its also so much more than that. On the boundary where Tower Hamlets and the City of London meet, it is a great example of a building that is relevant to its community. Originally it was an imposing Gin palace but came to be neglected until Gareth and Nico (owners) saw that it had potential as a 21st century pub. It has a traditional feel on the ground floor with a pewter top bar but serves cocktails too as you would expect these days from an up market pub. On the first floor a classic bistro feel with leather banquettes and delicious seasonal menu centred aound the best British produce cooked with skill and flare. Then there are 5 well appointed rooms nestled on the second floor that feel like home from home. On the Rooftop we have a terrace that seats just shy of 40 and a green house with Private room for 10. We serve a simple menu throughout the summer of small plates from the grill to enjoy with great natural wines, cocktails and have even taken our Purity classic draught beers upstairs too.

Q. What is your vision for the Culpeper in 2024?

A. In the past we have grown salads and radishes but they get gobbled so quick. Now we take produce from Scawen road a Community growing project that has a bit more space than us so we are giving the rooftop plants more time and space to grow and become even more of an oasis in the City.

Q. What is upcoming for The Culpeper in 2024?

A. Celebrating ten years, the Pickle is coming back to light up the sky line and we will celebrate with classics from the last ten years on the menu.

Q. You are situated in a bustling part of the City. How do you compete with other local businesses in the area?

A. By challenging ourselves daily to do the simple things well, we think our value often lies in this more than bells and whistles.

Q. What’s your most popular dish on the menu?

A. The menu changes with the seasons so the gnocchi with Delicia squash , sage, hazelnuts and Parmesan might be favourite this week but the Cote de boeuf with Pommes Anna is always on the menu and has a special place too

Q. Talk us through some of your biggest achievements.

A. Keeping perspective while juggling the day to day that means looking after the customers and team who have chosen to spend their time with us in the pub. That is thousands of plates of food from regenerative farmers, pints of well made beer, glasses of delicious natural wine, stairs, smiles and questions that need answers, its a serious team effort.

Q. What are some of the main challenges you face in the City and how do you overcome these?

A. On the edge of the City we know that there are real problems with homelesness and adiction, we work with our neighbours, the council and local authorities to try and be a positive force within the community.

Q. Which other pubs and restaurants in the City do you admire the most?

A. The Golden heart is a great pub, I love st John bread & wine just up the road, Chez Elles on Brick lane and Somsa & Bubala are just across the street so I feel like we are in really great company.

Q. What advice do you have for other businesses in the City?

A. Be kind, and do come and say hello.

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