The Somerset House ‘Hyper Functional, Ultra Healthy’ series goes online


Somerset House is bringing this year’s edition of Hyper Functional, Ultra Healthy online. The free digital series explores the concept of health and wellbeing in the age of the pandemic – featuring new commissions, films, live streamed lectures and workshops.

This programme is expected to demonstrate how art can offer moments of reflection and relief during times of crisis. And oh how we need that right now.

Expect everything from breathing, meditation and movement exercises in a guided introduction to the ancient African practice of Kemetic yoga and embroidery workshops.

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Artist Tabita Rezaire presents MerKaBa For The Hoeteps, a new online commission for collective healing. Photo by Tabita Rezaire.

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This offers all of us stressed-out folks an escape from the pressures of daily life. The series creates a range of opportunities for viewers and participants to reconnect with themselves and feel connected with others, all from the comfort of home.

This could not come at a better time. We are all feeling the negative effects of this third lockdown and are in need of some new healthy habits. coping mechanisms. Try out a bunch of these free events and see what advice and insight will best help you get through this gruelling winter.

Hyper Functional, Ultra Healthy will run from 2 February to 7 March. Check the website here to find what best bits you want to try out – sign us up for some mindfulness exercises ASAP!

Feature image: Photo from Dr Romy Gad el Rab

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