Homeowners prefer ethically sound service and utility providers


New research has revealed that 66% of home movers were either ‘more likely’ or ‘very likely’ to use a service or utility provider for their household requirements if that provider had better ethical credentials compared to its competitors.

Sustainability credentials resonate across the board, according to new research by the home setup service Just Move In, with 64% of men and 69% of women, both stating they would be more likely to use an ethical provider.

Support for purpose driven business was at its highest in Yorkshire and the Humber with 76% of people more focussed on company ethics, along with the South West (73%), the East of England and the North East (71%).

Positive impact has become a big focus for businesses with the spotlight focussing firmly on climate change and on what can be done to improve the way we work to benefit our workforce, consumers, supply chain and the wider world.

One such company striving to improve the way we work is Just Move In. Not only do they help reduce the time, stress and cost of moving home by informing suppliers of the change of address, but they believe in recommending better providers, that score well in the long-term, not just with a short-term price reduction. This means a price that lasts all year, great customer support, tariffs that work for you and, most importantly, they have to have a positive impact on the planet. 

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Co-founder of Just Move In, Ross Nichols, commented: “When it comes to moving house, we know how time-consuming updating your details with utility providers can be. Trying to shop around for a better deal at the same time, along with identifying suppliers that are purpose driven, isn’t straightforward.

“That’s why we started Just Move In, so that we could not only do the heavy lifting to remove the time and stress of the move, but so that we could also ensure our customers are dealing with companies that actually care.

“As a certified B Corp, we’re obliged to consider the impact of our decisions internally as a business and how they impact our client base, as well as our suppliers and the wider world.”

What is B Corp?

B Corp is a global community of business leaders, now over 3,000 companies strong, across 150 industry sectors in 71 countries all working towards the same goal. Certified B Corp businesses work to the highest levels of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance the profit of their business with its purpose in the world.

B Corp’s aim is to accelerate a shift in business culture to redefine the idea of success to include a more inclusive and sustainable economy. B Corp’s key goals are to help government and not for profit entities reduce inequality and poverty levels while creating a healthier environment and stronger communities with more high quality jobs based on dignity and purpose.

So far, more than 500 B Corp companies have pledged to reduce their greenhouse emissions to net-zero by 2030, two decades in advance of the targets set by the Paris agreement.

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