Keep kids entertained this half term at the Museum of London


THE Museum of London is pulling out all the stops to make sure the kids have a cracking half-term next month. Check out this sample of family-inspired workshops to keep your little ones entertained while they’re out of the classroom:

TOUR / Family tour

Discover the stories behind the museum’s amazing collection of objects on this expert-led tour of the galleries. Families will explore the facts and fictions behind the inspiring artefacts, and find out more about London’s fascinating past, including what happened during the Great Plague and what it was like to be a child growing up in Victorian times. This is a free tour but it is ticketed – pick up a ticket on the day from the front desk.
Ongoing throughout February, 2pm

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OBJECT HANDLING / Archaeology detectives

Put your detective skills to the test and see if you can help uncover London’s past using real archaeological artefacts. Meet the archaeology team and find out what has survived from the everyday lives of Londoners throughout time.
Ongoing throughout February, 10am and 2pm

WORKSHOP / Salad Cities

Create your own models of a building or a place in London… and make it better by sowing cress and other salad seeds on to your model. Take it home and watch your seeds sprout. Then harvest your crop and eat your own ‘micro greens’.
10&11 February, 12.30pm and 2.30pm


How can we care for nature in an urban environment? Make your own fantasy creature that is in need of a natural habitat and bring it along in this storytelling journey where hosts will retell the story of The Bog Baby by Jeanne Willis. Each performance is 30 minutes long.
10&14 February, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm

WORKSHOP / Sustainable Shoes

Learn all about sustainable fashion and create your own shoes from recycled materials. Take your inspiration from the museum’s own collection of kicks, from Roman footwear to 21st-century designs.
13 February, 12.30pm and 2.30pm

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WORKSHOP / Green and Beautiful

Imagine a vine growing up Nelson’s Column or foliage around Big Ben! In this art workshop kids will make sliding pictures of London. Start with a famous location and then transform it with an additional layer of green foliage and textures, and watch nature reclaim the city.
12 February, 12.30pm and 2.30pm