Gun run duo jailed after City police chase


Two men carrying a small arsenal of firearms as they led police on a high-speed chase have been jailed.

Thomas Parish, 19, and 24-year-old Michael Redford were sentenced to a total of 10-and-a-half years in prison after cruising through the Square Mile to deliver five handguns and 322 rounds of live ammunition on 15 March.

City Police attempted to stop the pair as they travelled south across London Bridge, but with Parish in the driving seat, the delivery duo sped off, running a red light as they attempted to dodge arrest.

When finally stopped, Redford leapt from the car and ran towards London Bridge Station, eluding his pursuing officers. Parish chose not to run and was immediately arrested.

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Guilty faces: Thomas Parish (top) and Michael Redford with the cargo.

Officers searched the vehicle and discovered a plastic bag under the passenger seat; it contained a gun and 42 live rounds. They found four more guns and 280 additional bullets in the footwell.

During his police interview Parish denied knowing that there were firearms in the vehicle.

Redford was eventually found by officers at a caravan park in the New Forest on 26 March and arrested on suspicion of possession of firearms and taken to Southampton police station; during his interview he made no comment.

Upon inspection, both Parish and Redford’s finger prints were found on the seized haul, leading to charges being pressed.

City of London Police’s Detective Inspector Sam Toprak said: “Parish and Redford not only failed to stop for police officers, but they were then found to be in possession of an extensive amount of firearms and ammunition.

“The City of London Police does everything it can to ensure that dangerous people like Parish and Redford are forced to face the consequences of their actions.

“This sentencing should make others realise that it is not OK to drive around the City with guns and ammunition – we have a zero tolerance attitude to anyone that does.”

The pair, both from Farnborough, Hampshire, were sentenced on charges of conspiracy to transfer firearms and ammunition at London Inner Crown Court on 31 August.

Parish was handed a five-year jail term, with Redford given five-and-a-half years.