Treat yourself to a Four Seasons Hotel spa ritual

Spa Hammam – Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square – Architect Joseph Caspari with Mio Shibuya

All too often spa teams will try to churn through guests as fast as possible, with little care given to offering a complete wellness experience.

Thankfully, that’s not the case at the Four Seasons Hotel in Ten Trinity Square. At no time do you feel rushed or neglected. From the moment you enter, you’re greeted with hot tea and towels, almost instantaneously falling into that sweet coma-like spa mindset.

And once you’re done with your luxury treatment, you’ll be given access to the relaxation room – fully equipped with recliners, plush blankets, more tea (yes, spas love their herbal infusions) and a whole assortment of delicious snacks.

You’re given all the time in the world to find your happy place, and then mull around within it.

What is it?

The Four Seasons spa is a hidden underground oasis offering all kinds of treatments; from deep muscle massages and hammam scrubs to beauty facials and seaweed wraps.

A lot of guests hail from abroad, but City workers are increasingly learning to love this luxury getaway.

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If you have the time, be sure to take a dip in their stunning pool

The spa’s speedy de-stress treatments are a big hit for burnt out workers who need to escape. But members of the private members’ club also see this as their very own retreat. This isn’t just a long corridor full of rooms kitted out for massages and pedicures; they’ve also got a state-of-the-art gym, a swish pool and the obligatory sauna and steam room.

Among all of this the best treatment on offer to those who work and live in the Square Mile is the aptly named Stressbuster.

How does it work?

For either 90 or 120 minutes, guests who book in to the Stressbuster will fall away into a stress-free state. At first, you’ll make best friends with their stylish disposable underwear (a staple at any spa) before chatting with the massage therapist about what you want to get from the whole experience.

It’s all tailored to you; from the parts of your body they focus on during the massage to the scents and oils they use. They’ll begin by giving your body a dry brush, before scrubbing off the dead skin with a mixture of salt and essential oils. You’ll be covered from head to toe in a delicious smelling salty concoction.

From here, you wash off in the room’s shower, return to the massage table, and prepare for an indulgent full body massage which includes a super de-stressing scalp rub – this final part will make you melt.

What are the benefits?

Each part of the treatment has its own special benefit. The dry brushing helps detoxify the body by increasing blood circulation and promoting lymphatic flow. It also unclogs pores and kicks off the exfoliation process.

The salt scrub, meanwhile, is an absolute miracle worker. The salt helps take off the dry skin (something we all have too much of during winter) but the essential oils immediately nourish and soothe the fresh baby skin underneath. This means they don’t have to scrub and then moisturise you; it’s all done in one.

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Let your body sink into the heated massage table before experiencing some of the best spa treatments out there

The massage is highly personal. If you’ve got a bad back – and let’s be honest, we all do – then your masseuse will focus on that part of your body before giving your legs, arms and scalp a good rub. They can even incorporate the use of hot stones to help sooth sore muscles.

You’ll come out of it feeling a strange blend of invigoration and relaxation as your body comes back into balance. It’s exactly what you need when your body is aching and your head is overwhelmed with stressful thoughts.

How much?

A 90-minute Stressbuster treatment will cost £190, while 120-minute sessions push the price up to £280. If you’re pressed for time then express body treatments begin at £60, making it easy to pop in and out during lunch, returning to work as the most zen person in the office.


Four Seasons Hotel, 10 Trinity Square EC3N 4A.