Get boozy, play darts & eat all the pizza at Flight Club


Guy, darts is cool now. I know that might seem a bit dowdy, but Flight Club has converted us.

They have three venues in London (Shoreditch, Bloomsbury and Victoria) where they have reinvented darts for the masses. At first appearance, it just looks like your usual glam bar. But it all changes once the pre-booked booths surrounding darts boards fill up with City workers looking for alternative after-work drinking activities.

They gather around an array of different spaces both upstairs and down, before letting their competitive sides out through some good old-fashioned darts.

But it isn’t strictly traditional. Darts has been given a tech makeover at Flight Club. There are sensors laid behind the cork boards, so the computer knows exactly where you landed, tallying up your points for you – no need for mental maths here. You also get the option of four different kinds of games.

‘Demolition’ sees you fighting it out to reach 100 points exactly before anyone else, ‘Snakes and Ladders’ is basically just snakes and ladders but you roll the dice by throwing the dart, ‘Killer’ has you pitted against each other as you try to take each other’s lives, and ‘Quack Shot’ is all about pure accuracy.

For extra group fun, they also take videos and pictures of you while you play. Hit a bullseye and get a slow-motion action replay of your throw and the surrounding players’ expressions of defeat.

You can also take group pictures (boomerangs too) and email them to yourself. It’s great advertising for them, and good fun for you and your team once you’ve downed a few pints. And, during your slot, the Flight Club team are at your beck and call to bring all manner of food and drink to your private section.

Get around some of their huge pizza boards, buckets of beers, and a handful of cocktails while you unleash your competitive self into the world. Those who fear this side of themselves might best stay away from the booze though.

And it’s not only for big groups of workers – although this is the main crowd. The Social Roll-Up events are a fun concept where strangers rock up and play against each other.

It’s a cool way to meet new people and have a night out when your mates are off doing their own thing. It might even be good for dating. But Brunch Social is where all the upbeat party vibes come out. They can pack out with people going to town on mimosas and Prosecco and getting way too excited by bottomless pizza. Yeah, that’s right people, bottomless pizza. All you can eat pizza. It’s a dream come true. They’ve also got weekend DJs to add to the festivities.

It’s like the new wave of bingo for millennials. Old, somewhat slow and boring games are being transformed into modern boozy interpretations. They’ve definitely nailed the equation at Flight Club, hitting city workers during the week and young alternative experience-seekers on weekends. They’re doing something right.

Flight Club, 2a Worship Street EC2A 2AH