Fitness tried and tested: Digme Fitness

Another Space HIIT classes combine boxing and bodyweight floorwork.

Another year, another swathe of new boutique gym brands chomping at the bit to capitalise on a market that works hard and works out harder.

With slick studios, tongue-in-cheek fitspo quotes and posh bathroom products, you could be forgiven for thinking Digme is just that; another space to get your sweat on in the Square Mile.

But this subterranean health club beneath Bank Junction is carving out its own place in the City’s fitness scene with a refined class offering that strikes a balance between the all-in gym and the one hit wonder studios that only focus on one area of fitness.

What is it?

A no-contract premium training facility designed to deliver maximum efficiency with three classes that combine all the major fitness components under one roof.

Originally called Another_Space, Digme launched in Covent Garden in 2016 and is the brainchild of fitness entrepreneur Colin Waggett, who wanted to create a happy medium between his boutique spin studio Psycle and luxury health club Third Space, or as he puts it “a unique combination of complementary classes in one state-of-the-art studio”. Bank is the first offshoot.

How does it work?

Quite unlike the pick ’n’ mix of classes offered by some fitness studios, Digme honed its offering down to just three 50-minute workouts scheduled three to four times per day.

Cycle takes care of your cardio, with a tempo-based interval spin class that combines sprints and hill climbs designed to burn calories while firming and toning your legs and core. HIIT pairs boxing rounds with floorwork to tone and condition while ensuring some serious afterburn.

Half the class is pummelling a punchbag with a simple series of jabs, crosses and upper cuts while the other takes on a series of high intensity circuits using bodyweight and saddlebags to ensure a big range of motion.

Yoga classes use traditional sequences with a dynamic flow to raise your heart rate and clear the mind, while Hot Yoga takes things up a notch in 32-degree infrared heat so muscles gain the benefits of the heat without dehydrating. Each class has its own dedicated studio, and clients are encouraged to mix up their workouts with a little of all three training sessions each week, which they can take at their own  pace through a convenient pay-per-class model.

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Yoga classes use traditional sequences with a dynamic flow to raise your heart rate and clear the mind. Photos by Rich MacIver Photography.

What are the benefits?

Mixing up your workout routine is the best way to make sure your body doesn’t hit a plateau and you continue to see results from all the hard work you’re putting in.

Of course, this is easy to achieve at the gym if you’re motivated and confident in using the equipment, but for those who need an extra push in the form of a boutique gym’s specialised training and fancy shampoo, Digme could be your answer.

How much?

One class credit is £20 or you can buy bundles of six for £105 or 12 for £160.

Where can I try it?

Digme Bank, 40 Coleman Street EC2R 5EH