Escape the City: Quirky getaways in Scotland

Escape the City: Quirky getaways in Scotland

Scotland has been a popular pick for holidays for a while, but this article isn’t going to discuss the regular touristy things you can do in Scotland.

Known for its rich culture, bagpipes and lovely lochs, Scotland has so much to offer that it’s tough to make a choice. If you’re planning a holiday to this amazing destination anytime soon, it’s time to check out some quirky getaways you wouldn’t have considered the first choice when visiting.

There’s so much to do here; you won’t want to return home from this unique holiday destination.

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Live in a Lighthouse

If you love lighthouses, then the Rua Reidh lighthouse is surely one you need to check out. Located at the entrance of Loch Ewe, this remote lighthouse is one you wouldn’t want to miss. It offers a breathtaking view of the Isle of Skye, the Outer Hebrides and the Shiant Isles.

You can book a room to stay overnight and escape into the amazing surrounding of Rua Reidh offers. This place is a paradise for any wildlife lover, with a plethora of amazing creatures, including dolphins, whales, sharks, seals and sea eagles. The lighthouse was constructed in 1912 and can cost you £175.00 per night. This includes breakfast and requires a booking of a minimum of three nights.

Sleep in a castle

Isn’t living in a castle an experience everyone wants to have when it is in Scotland? Well, it’s possible, courtesy of the tons of castle hotels around. Here are some of the best you could choose from.

Inverlochy Castle Hotel
If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, this castle is perfect. Praised for its beauty by Queen Victoria during her stay in 1873, the castle has everything you could want, from Scottish Highlands to the complete royal experience. The hotel has 17 luxury suites that are designed to please royalty. The tariff for a night here starts at £390, and it’s located in Torlundy, Fort William.

Glenapp Castle
This century-old castle is converted into a 5-star hotel with amenities similar to the Inverlochy Castle Hotel. The most prominent feature of this hotel is the lavish dinner menu, which includes some of the most famous dishes from the royal family, including cod, salmon and haggis. The hotel is located at Ballantrae, Girvan, and the price per night starts from £300.

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Glamping in the Cairngorms

If camping isn’t for you, then glamping is something you could try when in Scotland. Some amazing glamping options in the Cairngorms offer complete luxury while still giving you the camping experience.

Braemar Camping’ Fog’ Pods at Braemar Caravan Park, Glenshee glamping, Duck’s Nest, Lazy Duck, and Nethy Bridge are some of the most popular places to go glamping in Scotland. These sites are located across the Riverview, Strathdon and are priced at a minimal fee starting at £20 per night.

Scottish highlands are beautiful and have inspired numerous books, movies and even online slots like Highland Reels, which is available on many top gambling websites along with other UK live casino online.

Tree Howf at Craighead Howf

If you’re visiting Scotland for a romantic getaway with your partner, then Craighead Howfs is the place to be. These tree howfs are impressive and situated at a height so you get a 360-degree view of the Ochil hills and beyond them.

This peaceful place has everything you need to stay indoors, including cooking facilities, a shower and a compost toilet too. This is a one-of-a-kind experience that starts at £195 per night. You can do a lot here, including light up a BBQ privately with your partner or head out for a walk in the beautiful wilderness.

The Four Sisters Boatel, Edinburgh

If you aren’t sure whether you want to go for a boat ride or stay in your hotel, then book a stay at the luxurious The Four Sisters Boatel with a mesmerizing view and facilities that are hard to pass on. These luxury floating rooms have everything you need to make your stay unique and comfortable.

This pet-friendly boatel has a lot you can do, from visiting popular clubs in Edinburgh to checking out the historic city centre. The Four Sisters Boatel is located on the Lochrin Basin, Lower Gilmore Bank, and the tariff starts from £150 during the off-season while it can go as high as £300 during the peak season. This cost is for up to four adults and two children.

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Scotland is lovely, and there’s a lot you can do here whether you visit this beautiful country with your friends, family or someone special. No matter when you visit Scotland, there’s always something you can do and enjoy here. The beaches, the countryside and the amazing hills are a small part of this country’s beauty.

When visiting Scotland, ensure you take the time to experience something unique, something you can cherish with fond memories for a lifetime. These quirky getaways are just the tip of the iceberg, so explore your options in advance so you don’t miss out.

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