City bites: Top places to eat in the City of London

eat city of london
Savure dishes up authentic pasta straight from Turin.

Looking for a place to eat in the City of London? Whether power lunching or dinner dating, these are the Square Mile’s spots to grab a bite.


Summer has vanished, taking with it any talk of ‘no carbs before Marbs’, so it seems as good a time as any for an authentic Italian pasta bar to open its doors. Savurè is a Turin-based pasta restaurant and shop making its first foray into the London market with a snazzy ‘pasticio’ (pasta lab) and casual dining space just south of Old Street. Pasta is prepared fresh in front of your eyes to dine-in with a sauce of your choice, or take home. One bite of the pillowy soft ravioli filled with three Italian meats, Mediterranean herbs and spices, and you’ll be doing both.

20 Paul Street EC2A 4JU

A QUICK LUNCH: Ask For Janice

Cafe? Restaurant? Exhibition space? Late-night boozer? Ask for Janice throws up a couple of questions upon rst glance; namely is it trying to be too many things to too many people? But with seasonal share plates tweaked for breakfast, lunch and dinner, a 50-strong list of craft beers and excellent coffee credentials, it manages to fill several of the holes in Smithelds’ foodie scene.

50-52 Long Lane EC1A 9EJ

A 2PM PICK-UP: Alchemy Cafe

Coffee snobs would have surely come across Alchemy’s ethically imported, locally roasted beans in the grinders of London’s trendiest brunch spots, but they might not be aware they can get it straight from the source. The South London roaster’s tiny cafe is tucked in among the labyrinth of laneways off Ludgate Hill, and boasts a line-up of up to five different coffees that changes seasonally. If this all seems a bit too intimidating, worry not – the bearded baristas don’t bite. They will, however, politely suggest you put down the sugar and let the coffee speak for itself.

8 Ludgate Broadway EC4V 6DU