All the glitz and glamour up at Duck & Waffle


It’s Christmas 24-hours a day and seven days a week at Duck & Waffle, now that they’ve transformed the entire space into a Winter Wonderland.

Take the vertigo-inducing elevator up to the 40th floor and wander through their famous open bar with mixologists working their magic on the extensive new list of festive cocktails before making it into the main dining room.

It’s been decked out with bright Christmas trees and fake snow – lifting the chalet feel is the entire space. Grab a seat by the floor to ceiling windows overlooking the City and East London from a breathtaking vantage point.

Then it’s time to feast. And their new winter additions are just how you should treat yourself around this time of year. They are warm, hearty and full of rich flavours.

Kick things off with some of their oysters and seared Isle of Mull scallops. The scallops are to die for – sitting in their shells, on mousseline potatoes (a super buttery and smooth mash) and with plenty of garlic and chilli. These meaty morsels fall apart right in your mouth and are the perfect French treat.

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The seared scallops are a welcome addition to the new Duck and Waffle menu

The lobster rolls are another win. Big chunks of lobster are stuffed into a long roll and topped with jalapeños, coriander and lime. We do prefer lobster rolls to be a little simpler (just buttloads of butter on top) but this was a great break from all the other rich and heavy dishes on the menu.

And talking of rich dishes – the cheese soufflé is just next level decadent. It takes most of the day to be cooked and has a strangely fluffy, creamy and cakey texture. Keens cheddar is the main cheese involved in this dome of dairy, but they’ve included another four different kinds of cheese just to make it even richer.

Add some freshly shaved truffles on top and you have yourself the best alternative cheese fondue dish. We hope this stays on the dish well beyond winter.

We also had to try to the famous duck and waffle dish to see what all the fuss is about. It didn’t blow our minds like the cheese soufflé, but damn was it good. The perfect mixture of sweet and savoury on a plate, with an egg dropped on top for good measure. We can see this dish becoming our favourite luxury drunk meal. They are open 24-hours a day after all.

Forget the greasy kebab or chicken and chips as your late-night snack – instead head up to the sky-high restaurant and indulge in something extra special. And add some cocktails on the end as the perfect night cap.

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The cheese soufflé blew our minds

After all, they are renowned for their extensive drinks menu. Yes, the wines are superb but it’s all about the cocktails here, especially around Christmas time.

They completely overhaul the drinks menu for this time of year, serving up some doozies. The mulled negroni is a festive spin on a classic (fortunately not overdone with too many spices) and the panettone is the perfect dessert drink – sweat, creamy and full of cognac.

Be sure to pair these cocktails with a dessert like the chocolate fondant or the torrejas. The latter is the Latin American version of French toast. The bread is cut incredibly thick and comes perfectly crispy on the outside while soft and steamy in the middle. Cover the whole affair in maple syrup and tuck into the caramel apples and cinnamon ice cream placed on top.

It’s hard to not feel like you’re in the Alps somewhere in Europe, being treated to a luxury dining experience. That is until you look out over London’s lit up skyscrapers and remember that you can have it all right here in the Capital.

Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate EC2N 4AY