Dubel Prize Unveils 12 Shortlisted Artists for Celebratory Royal Exchange Showcase

Dubel Prize unveils 12 shortlisted artists for celebratory Royal Exchange
Credit The Royal Exchange

An event taking place at the Royal Exchange later this month will recognise and support emerging British artists in an event of exceptional significance.

The Dubel Prize, will unveil the 12 shortlisted artists for the forthcoming year, showcasing a range of artistic brilliance on August 26.

The Dubel Prize’s primary mission is to shine a spotlight on emerging talents in the British art scene, encompassing those shaping the creative landscape within the UK and gaining international acclaim.

At the heart of the event lies the introduction of each of the 12 shortlisted artists, along with the much anticipated revelation of the venues where their creations will come to life.

These selected artists will enjoy an array of benefits, including a dedicated event, a year-long contract with Red Eight Gallery, £500 in art supply credit, and a chance to showcase their work at the esteemed Home Grown Members Club in Mayfair.

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The Dubel Prize’s meticulous selection process involves curating a diverse shortlist of artists at the start of each calendar year. These talented individuals are then provided exclusive opportunities to exhibit their creations at individual events, providing a platform for their talents to flourish.

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Dubel Prize

As the year draws to a close, a distinguished panel of judges, comprised of curators, critics, authors, and industry experts from both the UK and abroad, will convene to select the year’s emerging artist. This recognition not only celebrates outstanding artistic achievement but also underscores the organisation’s commitment to supporting artists during a period of unprecedented challenges for the performing arts.

Damian Alexander Dubel, Founder of the Dubel Prize, said: “Emerging artists embody the future of art. They infuse the world with fresh perspectives, innovative techniques, and previously unheard narratives. By championing emerging artists, we not only nurture their talent but also cultivate a culture that values creativity, expression, and diversity. The Dubel Prize is fundamentally about fostering a creative community.”

The Dubel Prize is honored to collaborate with partners such as Royal Exchange, Yamaha, Red Eight Gallery and Art Review.

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