DODGE – Somerset House’s epic 2021 winter experience


We were as disappointed as you were when we found out the Somerset House ice rink was cancelled this year, but they have just announced some great outdoor winter fun that should rival any other entertainment going on in the City – DODGE.

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Get your 2020 anger out at DODGE.

In collaboration with Mercury Award-shortlisted musician & composer Anna Meredith, designer Yinka Ilori and sound artist Nick Ryan, DODGE will transform the famous Somerset House courtyard into a kaleidoscope of colour, sound and spectacle.

Taking centre stage in the courtyard is a new interactive artwork from Anna Meredith. Bumps Per Minute sees the traditional fairground dodgems ride reinvented into a high-octane interactive sensory experience.

As visitors to Dodge race their bumper cars around the track, each bump, scratch and jolt is tracked by bespoke wireless technology, designed in collaboration with BAFTA-winning interaction sound designer and fellow Studios resident Nick Ryan.

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The frenetic, random manoeuvres of the cars generate a unique audio-visual composition, resulting in explosive three-minute displays of light and sound across the courtyard approximately once every hour, featuring a new suite of music composed by Anna Meredith.

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The obligatory igloos will also be featured at Somerset House’s DODGE

Drawing on the individual collisions of each bumper car, every performance of the musical composition and bold lighting display is different, creating spectacular, climactic musical moments for participants and spectators alike to enjoy around the site. We can’t wait to take a ride on this one!

But it doesn’t end there. Expect pop up food and drink stalls, boutique shopping stalls, more art installations and the infamous Somerset Lates. Ice skating might be cancelled but this sounds so much better. London is ready to re-emerge from its year-long slumber. Bring it on!

DODGE has been conceived and designed with Covid-19 security as the number 1 priority and is planned to open on 22 January and run until 20 March. Lead Image by Yinka Ilori.

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