Darker days spell danger for City cyclists

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Cyclists are being urged to take care on City streets now that the clocks have been turned back, after police data revealed that November is the most dangerous time to be riding a bike.

Records show that November 2016 was the worst month for City road user injuries in almost a decade, involving 18 cyclists, more than double that of August 2016.

Despite the figure being among the lowest across the Capital, the City Corporation moved to mitigate an anticipated spike in injuries this month after daylight savings ended last Sunday, teaming up with Thames Tideway and Havebike to make sure bicycles are road ready.

Organisers handed out free bike lights and encouraged lorry drivers to exchange places with cyclists as part of the ‘Be Brake Ready’ event at Blackfriars Bridge on 30 October.

A Corporation spokesperson said injuries to cyclists in the Square Mile have halved overall since 2013, due in part to the City’s dedicated Road Danger Reduction team, a City-wide 20-mile-an-hour speed limit, and light giveaway schemes.

Planning and transport chairman Chris Hayward said:

“The City Corporation is concerned not only that cyclists can be seen at night by vehicles, but also that pedestrians can see them and that they have working brakes should a pedestrian step out in front of them.

“With the increased danger of darker nights, we urge vulnerable road users to be more vigilant in checking their kit as well as their surroundings.”