Cultural humility training now available for City organisations

cultural humility training

Non-profit organisation Hackney CVS has launched a directory of cultural humility training available in Hackney and the City of London.

The directory is being touted as a one-stop-shop for training to support organisations and individuals to achieve anti-racism and equitable diversity and inclusion.

The directory and training aims to empower individuals and organisations working with the community across City and Hackney to work in an anti-racist way.

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Training will be delivered by local organisations who reflect the communities they are representing, and covers several topics around race, inclusion, diversity and cultural competency.

Hackney CVS says the directory is the first stage of developing and delivering a multi-faceted training programme based around cultural humility and anti-racism for organisations across C&H (including health and social care services, frontline providers, VCS organisations and residents (individual/community capacity building).

You can find the training directory by clicking here

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