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NQ64 Arcade Bar
Credit NQ64 Arcade Bar

NQ64 Arcade Bar

While there are a number of great evening ideas in the City, there are few that can conjure up such feelings of nostalgia as the NQ64 arcade bar in Shoreditch. Filled with floor to the ceiling classic arcades stations you’ll spend your time jumping from one machine to the next battle old enemies like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong.

But the fun doesn’t stop there, once you’ve proven you’re dance party skills to your friends you can grab a themed cocktail at the bar. From parody Starbucks Iced Tweek-U- Cino, to Power Star Martini and Aku Aku Fruit Punch, there’s guaranteed to be a fun and flavourful drink that’s right for you.

Between intense games of Mortal Kombat and Mario Kart grab a bite to eat at the Burgerism kitchen inside the venue. Refuel with your choice of juicy beef and chicken burger alongside piping hot crispy chips and a tasty sauce of your choice, it doesn’t get better than that. Whether you’ve there with a date, friends or a big party you’re going to have an evening of retro arcade fuelled fun.

256, 260 Old St, London EC1V 9DD
NQ64 Arcade Bar


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Credit Clays

If you’re looking for a unique evening of competitive fun in the City, then you’d be hard pressed to find a better location than Clays, a virtual clay pigeon shooting venue. Descend into the electric atmosphere, bustling with groups eager to show off their shooting ability to their friends, family and colleagues.

Anywhere else we wouldn’t recommend getting a drink before you go shooting, but Clays is very different. With an impressive selection of drinks ranging from cocktails, shots, wines and beers they are bound to have something to get you going, combined with a tasty food platter and you’re ready to get shooting (virtually of course).

Go with a small group of six or all the way up to 22, there is room for everyone at Clays. Pick from a number of exciting games that ensures that everyone gets a chance to shoot and that keeps the energy going all evening long. Come the end either gloat or glare as the scoreboard reads out who has won and is the most accurate amongst you, just remember all can change right up until the last minute.

Whether you booked it for 60 or 90 minutes the time goes by in a blur, just try not to have too many drinks or you may just find yourself at the bottom of the scoreboard.

55 Moorgate EC2R 6LL
Clays Bar – Interactive Clay Target Shooting Experience, London


The Square Mile has a number of exciting secrets, but who would have thought that axe throwing would have been one of them. Just a short four-minute walk from Tower Hill tube station this venue is packed with friendly staff that are ready to bring out the best axe thrower in you.

After a short axe throwing introduction, you jump straight into it. From hitting bullseyes, defending against brain eating zombies and competing against your colleagues, it’s fun from the very first moment. While you take your turn to cheer on your friends be sure to go to the front desk where you can pick up a range of snacks and non-alcoholic drinks, great for keeping your head in the game.

After a while you’ll be grouped into a tournament, this is where is gets serious. Using all the practise you’ve just done, take turns competing against your group to see who has the axe throwing gift. If you’re the best of the best then you can celebrate with a trophy in hand, the begrudging congratulations from your colleagues sounding like the cheers of a crowd. Whether you’re there with work or maybe celebrating with family, the Axeperience will give you an unforgettable time.

Basement Floor 48 EC3N 1JJ

Sandbox VR

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Credit Sandbox VR

Sandbox VR boasts perhaps one of the most unique experiences on this list, a full body VR adventure filled with immersive technology, teamwork and robotic bartenders.

They have a number of exciting adventures to pick from, we chose the Deadwood Valley experience, an action-packed zombie survival where you need to rely on your teammates to withstand the hordes of undead. Your kitted our with trackers on your ankles and wrists and given a VR headset and headphones, then your prop weapon. It all comes together so that when you first see yourself in the VR world it’s hard not laugh at how incredible it looks and feels.

Once everyone is ready, you’re thrown into the VR experience where you and five friends have to use your weapons to defend yourself and others against the zombie horde. The experience is thrilling and extremely engaging, it was a great surprise to take the headset off after 30 minutes, it only felt like five.

But the fun doesn’t stop there, take a moment to relax as the UK’s first robotic bartender serves you a tasty, themed cocktail. Settle back into the sofa as you see the final scores of your team and the fun videos of your time playing, both from within the VR experience and real-life footage of you all covered in VR gear screaming in an empty room. Overall, the Sandbox VR experience blew us away with its incredible technology and immersion, whatever story option you go with you’re guaranteed an experience you won’t find anywhere else in London.

The Post Building WC1A 1PB

Swingers Crazy Golf – City

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Credit Swingers

Located in the heart of the City and a stone’s throw away from the Gherkin, the City Swingers Crazy Golf certainly lives up to every aspect of its name. As you descend into the subterranean venue you’re greeted by their friendly and inviting staff who are quick to explain the mini golf and the food and drink options. Not only does City Swingers have two nine-hole golf courses it also has four cocktail bars, four street vendors, a private dinning room and enough space to host up to 500 people, simply outrageous.

Before you dive into the mini golf we recommend grabbing a drink from one of the bars, from a host of cocktails to choose from, to beer, rum and tequila, if you can think of it then they probably have it. Once you’ve had something to get your mini golf game going you’re off to start your game. Like the rest of the venue the golf courses show a great attention to detail and to the 1920s theme. Not only that but the crafty course make for a fun, but sometimes challenging, game of mini golf. After someone is crowned victorious be sure to grab a bite to eat from one of the food stalls, maybe even another round of drinks while you’re at it. Overall, with friendly service, great drinks and a lively atmosphere City Swingers certainly lived up to (and far exceeded) our high expectation, we can’t wait to go back soon.

8 Brown’s Buildings, London EC3A 8AL

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