City Staycation: The Landmark London Hotel


With things as they are right now, staycations seem to be the perfect way to escape our hectic London lives. Running away to Rome isn’t really responsible.

And when you’re not spending money on flights and other travel expenses, you can really splurge on accommodation. You can get yourselves massages and go out for crazy fancy dinners. Indulge. That’s what staycations are all about – you don’t even need to leave the hotel if you don’t want to.

And we can think of no place more luxurious than The Landmark London. This is where the crème de la crème stay. The top 1%. The Gucci wearing, botox loving, caviar buying elite. And you can be one of them for a couple nights, experiencing some of the very best service in the country.

And, with The Landmark London hotel being named the best hotel to work for in the UK by The Sunday Times, you don’t need to feel any guilt about indulging here. The staff are happy and well taken care of. That means you don’t have to worry about anyone but your fine selves.

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You can’t miss this epic hotel when walking through Marylebone

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Andrew Batchelor, General Manager of The Landmark London hotel, even said “We are thrilled to have received this prestigious accolade, which showcases the continuous dedication and determination from all our team members to achieve the very best, ensuring they create a memorable experience and exceptional service for our guests”.

And oh how did we feel like royalty when staying here. We now understand why some of these posh folks get an overinflated ego. During our stay, we were subtly complimented at every turn, made to believe our every desire was the most important thing in the world. It’s hard not to feel extra special here. It’s what we all need every now and then. Hold onto that feeling for as long as you can, even when stuck on the Tube heading home after a long weekend of pure decadence.

The Rooms

Staying the night here won’t be cheap – not by any account. But that’s what you get for the service and setting. Rooms are classically decorated so you don’t get a migraine when in there for too long (bingeing on the mini bar offerings while watching movies). Turn down service also adds that extra bit of glam to the whole affair – having your room prepared for sleep.

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Views from the room are also fairly brilliant. Either you look out onto the Marylebone streets or, even better, into the large covered atrium. With palm trees and shop fronts in the courtyard, it looks like an Italian piazza. Your little pocket of Europe lies right at the centre of The Landmark London – making this an even better spot for a luxury staycation.

The Spa

If we’re all being honest, the spa facilities are one of the main reasons why we choose a hotel to staycation in. It’s where we spend most of our time. You go the spa when you want to escape and relax. When that stress needs to be extinguished, we do so in pools, Jacuzzis, saunas and steam rooms (the latter are understandably closed at the moment). And when it gets real bad, we need it massaged out with essential oils.

And the Landmark London certainly doesn’t disappoint on this front. They have a bunch of treatment rooms made for those wanting facials, wraps and massages. Dive deep into the relaxation with one of these treatments and then let the calm stay with you during the rest of your stay.

Follow it up by spending hours upon hours swimming in the pool before reading all the trashy magazines while lounging about the spa area. Or, actually find some time to read that book you’ve been nursing for the past three months. Whatever your version of relaxation is, you’ll almost certainly find it at the spa. Even if that means heading to the gym (because, of course, they have one of them too). Just be sure to get in early (or book a slot) as there is a cap to the number of people allowed in for now.

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Get some super bougie cocktails here too


The Landmark London also has several restaurants and bars tucked inside it. You have the ultra Instagrammable Winter Garden Restaurant located in the courtyard (see main image) where many come for afternoon tea or Champagne brunches but it doesn’t end there. The Mirror Bar is where you find the mixologists making all kinds of creative (all be they pricy) cocktails and the Great Central Bar and Restaurant is home to an eclectic array of food and drink options for when the other spots don’t have exactly what you fancy.

But there is one other thing we all live for when doing the whole staycation experience – the holy breakfast buffet. And The Landmark London really delivers on this. They have it all. Proper coffees (flat whites, cappuccinos and cortados) are brought over to the table just as your glass of fresh orange juice never empties.

Then you’ve got fresh pastries, meats, cheeses, fruit and so forth. But it’s the hot buffet options which are best. They’ve got proper scrambled eggs that aren’t all dry and milky – that’s a huge win. There are even waffles, pancakes, eggs benedict, avocado on toast with poached eggs and all manners of hot meaty options to go on the side.

They can even rustle up an omelette or freshly fried eggs for you if you so desire. And, if you’re an unfortunate soul who is gluten intolerant, they have an incredibly wide selection of food offerings for you too. They have everything here. No stone is left unturned in any capacity.
222 Marylebone Road NW1 6JQ

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