Where to find the best steaks in the City of London


The City of London runs on red meat. You don’t make friends with salad in these parts.

Yes, there has been a considerable move towards less traditional dining options, as is happening all over London, but the Square Mile retains its love for all things steak related. Steakhouses are almost as popular as pubs. And even the most modern and quirky restaurants will have a few high-quality steak options on the menu for City workers.

Most of you already have your favourite steak joint. Fair enough, but see how it compares to these other top spots located within the City of London. You might be abandoning your old haunt soon.

Baptist Grill

This OTT decedent grill in Holborn is all about glamour. Sitting up in the dome of a Grade-II listed church, you can select your steak of choice from the cart wheeled around from table to table. All options are fairly glorious, but we couldn’t look over the somewhat unnecessary opulence of the 10oz ribeye. It comes with a heavenly béarnaise sauce and is topped with ravioli stuffed with snails. It’s all so very extra at the Baptist Grill at L’oscar Hotel.
2-6 Southampton Row WC1B 4AA

Temper City

We’ve had a food crush on Temper City for some time now. And their new bottomless steak and wine deal has made us fall in love with them all over again. The bottomless brunch craze has certainly made its way into the Square Mile but this is a far more adult and sophisticated version. Head here for a hefty British rump steak with sides and 90-minutes of unlimited wine for just £29 per person.
2 Angel Court EC2R 7HJ

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Bottomless steak and wine sounds all too glorious

Goodman City

Goodman is all about steak. Don’t bother ordering anything else on the menu – you’d be an absolute fool to do so. You will be forking out top dollar here, but you get everything you pay for. They age all their beef on site (an epic six tonnes of it), cut their steaks each and every day, and source it from the UK, USA, Spain and beyond. You’re spoilt for choice and quality. It is full of business people holding client meetings or entertaining in the private dining room. It’s as City of London as you can get for dining options.
11 Old Jewry EC2R 8DU

Hix Oyster & Chop House

Why settle for steak alone when you can add a dozen fresh oysters to the table, too? Mark Hix’s first solo restaurant remains the classic City destination for the classy surf and turf. Order the classic oyster and chop for a meat and fish medley on a plate or go for one of the many other meaty options. And all the cuts of beef are sourced from the Glenarm Estate so it’s guaranteed to be top quality. Be sure to check out Hixter and Tramshed for more meaty glory surrounded by plenty of world-class artwork too.
36-37 Greenhill Rents, Cowcross Street EC1M 6BN

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The famous chop and oyster dish is extra special

Flat Iron

This is your more affordable steak option. But that doesn’t mean you’ll be compromising on too much quality. You won’t be getting the very best cuts of meat, but you’ll be incredibly pleased with what you get on a budget. They are opening a new location in Spitalfields very soon too, where guests can experience their weekly quality checking – a meat tasting experience to see exactly how the chefs get the best steaks to the table. You can also try your hand at cutting your own steak at Butcher classes in Covent Garden.
Various Locations


These are the ethical meat connoisseurs. Hawksmoor has an impressive three-star rating from the Sustainable Restaurant Association (the highest rating awarded) thanks to the ways in which it sources produce, reduces waste, treats staff, and supports charities. Hawksmoor are the good guys in the steak world, and this attention to sourcing doesn’t just help lessen their environmental impact, it also makes the food taste that much better.
10 Basinghall Street EC2V 5BQ & 157a Commercial Street E1 6BJ

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Ethical sourcing of meat is very important