Back in Business: City of London restaurants welcome back diners Part #1

outdoor dining in the City of London

Our favourite City restaurants have been struggling over the past few months. And even though they’re opening back up, it’s not going to be an easy road to recovery. The Square Mile’s few local residents aren’t enough to keep them all going, and workers aren’t likely to return to the office full-time this year.

So, when you are in the City, do what you can to help them out. Treat yourself to an extra special takeaway lunch. Drink up at some of the rooftop bars. And go back to your local café for your morning flat white. Small but regular contributions can make a massive impact on these guys.

Right now, it’s all about supporting the kinds of businesses you want to see survive in the City of London. Those that breathe life and culture into the area. Small independent restaurants and bars should be high on that list. That’s why we’ve collated this list of our favourite spots which have opened back up in some capacity.


Farmer J

These guys have totally rejigged their space to make coming & going as easy & safe as possible. Just like the Tube, you’ll be greeted with signs directing you through the building. No need to feel lost and confused. And they’ve fully embraced technology as a tool to reduce physical contact too. For now, they will only accept orders from their online store for guests to walk in and collect themselves. You can get brekkie and coffee on your walk into work as well as the famous field trays for lunch. All the best bits of this healthy takeaway joint are still here – now it’s just super organised and more heavily sanitised.
Unit 11 Finsbury Avenue EC2M 2PF

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Farmer J field trays are back!

Mr Fogg’s Dockside Drinkery & Distillery

All the fun and flair of Mr Fogg’s has been taken out into the outdoor space of Broadgate Circle. Pop by for a cheeky lunchtime cocktail or some after work drinks no matter what the weather – although we are certainly hoping for as much sun as possible. And don’t expect just the basic spritzes and G&Ts. The team here are all about creating exceptional cocktails from top tier spirits. And, once September rolls around, they’ll be opening the indoor themed bar, kitchen and masterclass rooms. We can’t wait for these guys to be fully operational once again!
37 Broadgate Circle EC2M 2QS


We are so damn glad the best takeaway brunch in the Square Mile is back. And we know that’s a big call, but we stand by it. Have you tried their poached egg pots? The ham hock in the Benedict will make you drool but it has nothing on the rich and creamy hollandaise sauce. Oof! But while the pots are great, their breakfast baps are better for when you’re on the go. We wish the brekkie options were available all day long, but their lunch sandwiches and hot boxes do the job for workers in the area too. If you haven’t started weekday brunching in the City, give it a go now at Yolk.
5 Finsbury Avenue EC2M 2PG


Our favourite dim sum spot in the City is officially back open for business. Thankfully, with their large indoor seating area and outdoor terrace overlooking Broadgate Circle, they are perfectly equipped to create a safe and socially distanced dining experience. But the sharing nature of dim sum can be problematic. If you head over with folks you live with, then you can go crazy on ordering a whole range of different small dishes to share. But if you’re with colleagues, they’ll do their best to separate things out individually.
1 Broadgate Circle EC2M 2QS

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Get your dim sum on at Yauatcha in Broadgate Circle – and try to book a seat on their massive outdoor terrace


The kings of Argentine steaks are back! And in all of their London locations, not just Broadgate. Head in for their world-class meat and wine pairings alongside a whole host of other South American specialities. It’s classic cooking at its finest. No stuffing around with old recipes or over-fussed plating. And those not wanting to dine indoors at the moment can pre book one of the outdoor tables. Just get in fast before they book out.
40 Commercial Street E1 6LP


Brother Marcus

During lockdown, the team at Brother Marcus have been raising funds for the charity Your Sanctuary which gives shelter and support to victims of domestic abuse. And now they’re open for takeaway and getting ready for dine-in customers, it seems like the perfect time to keep supporting them. And it isn’t hard when they’re food tastes this good. Dig into their banging Middle Eastern-inspired brunch options, meze dishes and posh kebabs when you’re next in Spitalfields Market.
2 Crispin Place E1 6DW


Sometimes you just want a greasy burger for lunch. You want all the beef, cheese, bacon and mayo your arteries can manage. And Bleecker’s are some of the best you will find in London. Unfortunately, their Bloomberg Arcade location is still closed but you can still get pick-up and delivery from the Spitalfields location. So, next time you’re hankering for a gluttonous, treat yourself meal, swing by Bleecker and indulge.
Unit B, Old Spitalfields Market E1 6EA

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We are obsessed with these burgers. Either eat in or get them delivered!


While Gunpowder in Tower Bridge is accepting people wanting to dine in, the flagship restaurant in Spitalfields is keeping to takeaway and deliveries only. The space is so small and usually packed full of people, so it makes sense to keep away from that kind of dining for now. If you can pick it up in person, then that’s the best option as they get all your money. And City restaurants really need your support now. If you can stay away from big food delivery apps, then we recommend you do.
11 White’s Row E1 7NF


Coppa Club

Coppa Club isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. It has always been popular throughout the year, thanks to regular updates of the outdoor terrace as well as the food and drink menus. The team here never settle on one thing for long. Things are always evolving. That’s why they are perfectly equipped for changing things up now. The massive terrace has been further expanded and the famous igloos are like your very own quarantine bubble – that’s much cooler than the random plastic walls you see popping up in restaurants these days.
3 Three Quays Walk, Lower Thames Street EC3R 6AH

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Get your own quarantine bubble in the form of the Coppa Club’s riverside igloos

The Oyster Shed

Pubs are tough to navigate these days. Lining up at the bar can cause even the most chill of us to be flooded with anxiety. And finding a spot where we don’t have to be brushed past by crowds of other people is just as stressful. That’s why we were so pumped to find out that The Oyster Shed is back up and running for summer. Here, the bar is massive. That makes ordering so much easier. Plus, because they are located right on the river, there is stacks of outdoor space. You’ll easily find a spot to perch as you get your drink on.
1 Angel Lane EC4R 3AB

High Timber

More riverside dining comes in the form of High Timber. This South African-inspired restaurant is only getting more and more popular as time goes on. Much of this is thanks to the sensational wine menu. The founders, Gary & Kathy Jordan of the Jordan Wine Estate in South Africa, are winners of some of the world’s most prestigious wine awards and have brought much of this to High Timber. Even the house wines are absolute winners. Check it out now!
8 High Timber Street EC4V 3PA


Four Seasons Hotel

We continue to be amazed by how few people frequent this big and glamorous hotel. It’s enormous and stylish, just like two main restaurants located within. First off, you’ve got Mei Ume, the modern Chinese and Japanese restaurant which serves up a colourful selection of sushi, sashimi and Chinese main course dishes. And La Dame de Pic cannot be overlooked in any capacity. The world-class chef Anne-Sophie Pic has earned two Michelin Stars at this creative French restaurant where understated excellence reigns supreme. If you’re looking to treat yourselves post lockdown, look no further than this world-renowned restaurant once they open back up at the beginning of September.
10 Trinity Square EC3N 4AJ

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Come September, the Four Seasons at Ten Trinity Square will be back up and running!

Savage Garden

The rooftop bar has had another makeover this summer, this time sponsored by Lillet. This means Lillet spritzes will be abounding on the South Terrace as people soak up the sun. But because this space looks so good, you really need to book in advance. So grab your mates together and fill up one of the many tables out on the terrace. And, of course, you can still get your afternoon tea, lunch and dinner specials as per usual.
Floor 12, 7 Pepys Street EC3N 4AF


The famous craft beer brewers are back open in the Square Mile, serving up fresh pints to local workers. They always have a huge list of ever-changing beers alongside their typical pubby food menu for those who want to sit in. And for those big fans who don’t want to sit inside, Brewdog is ramping up its takeaway options. Get takeaway cans or bring your own bottle to fill up at their growler station. Wander down to the river with your beers and soak up the summer weather in all its glory.
21 Great Tower Street EC3R 5AR

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