City of London Corporation launches new five-year Corporate Plan and People Strategy

City of London
Credit Joshua Ng on Unsplash

The City of London is unique. Our blend of ancient history with modern skyscrapers, first-class business ecosystem and thriving residential communities, mean that we are one of the world’s great cities.

The Square Mile’s story is one of evolution – a place that people and firms the world over have made home. Time and again, the City has proven its resilience, its adaptability, and its leadership.

Today’s challenges demand that we rise to this historical standard. We have problems to solve like economic growth, the climate crisis, and technological transformation.

The Square Mile must chart a course that engages with these big issues because where the City succeeds, our communities succeed, and the country succeeds.

To support the City along the continued path to success, the City of London Corporation – the governing body of the Square Mile – has launched its new five-year Corporate Plan and People Strategy.

We have set out our priorities for the next five years, strengthening areas that matter across the City: our communities, economic growth, the environment, our competitiveness, our public services, and our green spaces.

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These priorities are interlinked: better economic growth will boost the City’s competitiveness and public services, which strengthens our communities, open spaces, and environment. Likewise, improving our environment and open spaces, strengthens our communities, public services, and competitiveness, which will provide better economic growth.

Taken together, our Corporate Plan and People Strategy are opportunities to provide a world-class experience for all those who live, work, learn, and explore in the Square Mile and use our services further afield.

We have been guided by the principle that the Square Mile means many things to many people.

Locally, the Square Mile is home to around 8,600 residents and 22,000 businesses. There are many reasons why people and firms choose the City: we are a safe and secure place to be, our unrivalled history and heritage, our cultural offer, and our leading business network to name just a few.

Globally, the City is the leading light of commerce, the historic home of financial and professional services. We are full of talented people from across the world, all working to strengthen trade not just between cities and countries, but across continents.

Nationally, the Square Mile is the engine in the economy. A record high 615,000 people work here, covering everything from food and finance to science and social media.

And the City is a vital partner in the capital’s success. We work with the boroughs, City Hall, and others, to speak with one voice, ensuring that London is well represented both domestically and abroad.

As the custodians of the City, we have a duty to deliver excellence. Whether it is delivering brilliant basic statutory duties like any other local authority, or supporting an unrivalled commercial infrastructure, we deliver for people.

I do not underestimate the challenges that lie ahead. But we should relish the responsibility that comes with being part of a great global city.

We have a huge contribution to make, so together, let’s take the City into a brighter, more prosperous, and more sustainable future for all.

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