Best cocktail kit deliveries from the City of London


Oh how we miss good cocktails. Like most of you out there, we can do a basic negroni and an old fashioned. We even think we perfected the espresso martini during lockdown 1.0 – if we do say so ourselves. But none of this compares to the unique cocktails we sipped at some of the City of London’s very best cocktail bars back in the before times.

And trying to make these complicated cocktails at home isn’t so realistic. Either we don’t have the skills or time to make a bunch of syrups (not to mention what do you do with a litre of pistachio syrup once you’ve made it?) and buying countless bottles of spirits just isn’t the most financially feasible option.

That’s why we turn to cocktail kits, delivered from some of the Square Mile’s best small businesses, straight to our doors. Peruse their menus (just like you did before this horrid pandemic), choose a few of the best sounding drinks, order them to your door, and then assemble them right at home. They make it oh so easy. Just like those food meal kits taking over London right now.

This is not the year to try dry January. This is the time treat yourselves to something a little extra special, all the while supporting a small City business which really needs your support.

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Proofing Room cocktails are made for the cold months

The Proofing Room

The underground bar in Spitalfields just wasn’t made for a pandemic, but they pivoted the business fairly early on. They bottled some of their most popular cocktails for nationwide delivery and sold out just before Christmas. But they’re back with a vengeance in 2021, with an even more extensive list of cocktails becoming available at the start of February.

Each cocktail offering is centred around one brilliant spirit, but they have an extra special love for all things whisky. Try out their concoctions made with, Aberfeldy 12-year-old whisky, Nikka whisky or even JJ Corry (The Bridie) whisky. Each bottle serves two people and are made for hiding away at home throughout winter.

The Umbrella Project

The team behind the Discount Suit Company and Sun Tavern are selling one of the most comprehensive cocktail kits in London. The Quarantini Cocktail Kit comes with four different drinks (you choose from their eight different offerings) which serve up to eight people.

Although, with no guests allowed these days, you can taste test your way through these bad boys all in your own time. But that’s not all they are offering. You can take it up a notch and really spend a pretty penny with their vintage 1970’s martini kit.

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These cocktail kits go above and beyond any other offered in London

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This will set you back a cool £350 but comes with Coates & Co Plym Gin (Now Plymouth Gin) Circa 1975, Riccadonna Dry Aperitivo Secco 1970’s Bottling, a can of Perello Gordal Olives (Not from the 1970’s as they wouldn’t be so tasty) as well as two vintage 1970’s cocktail glasses. We all wish we could escape to a time without Covid – why not make it the 1970’s and why not be a little intoxicated while you’re there?

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BYO tea cup to go with these cocktails

Mr Fogg’s

Mr Fogg’s are all over London, and we really do miss hitting up the Broadgate branch. It’s still going to be some time before we can go back in person, but they have been churning out cocktail kits for many months now – even changing them up for Christmas. And they are here for us in January too, offering up six different cocktails.

Get around their espresso martini, contreau margarita and wicked cherry pie libation – made with Mount Gay Black Barrel Double Cask rum, cherry liqueur, mulled wine, apple pie syrup and rooibos tea (perfect for winter).

You can even go all in an order the cocktail crate which comes with two servings of each boozy cocktail, either for yourself or as a gift to a dear friend who is isolating.


London’s steak kings are not only delivering their mega food kits around London throughout 2021. They’re also offering up their stunningly packaged Hawksmoor at Home cocktail kits.

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Cocktails in a can

They’ve got a gin martini, sour cherry negroni, old fashioned and glorious gimlet as well as four other effervescent cocktails, served up in Hawksmoor cans. They’ve also got their plenty of wines alongside their own Hawksmoor lager, session IPA and Pale Ale available for delivery.

Either go for the booze only or add a couple steaks, some lobsters and a few sticky toffee puddings for good measure. They have all the top delivery offerings ready to go for all of us stuck at home.

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