City of London Corporation pledges inclusive society in response to George Floyd killing

Lord Mayor

Prominent City of London Corporation figures have released a joint statement promising to create a fair and inclusive society in response to the killing of George Floyd.

Mr Floyd suffered cardiopulmonary arrest after officer Derek Chauvin knelt down on his neck for nine minutes in an video-recorded incident that has sparked civil unrest in the States.

Mr Floyd was in police custody at the time of his death, which has invoked peaceful Black Lives Matter protests in the States and here in the UK.

There have been calls for the City of London to make a donation to Black charities in both countries as a show of support for the movement.

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In a joint statement, Lord Mayor of London William Russell, policy chair Catherine McGuinness, establishment committee chair Edward Lord, and Police Authority Board chairman James Thomson, said: “We are shocked and saddened by the senseless death of George Floyd.

“The City of London Corporation is committed to equality, inclusivity and diversity and we stand in solidarity with BAME colleagues and communities.

“We understand it is not enough to say we are against racism but we have to work to eradicate all forms of racism in all that we do.

“This is why we have signed the Race at Work Charter and we aim to be a leader in diversity and reflect the communities we serve across London and the UK.

“We pledge to fulfil our responsibility to create a fair and inclusive society.”

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