Why City Giving Day plays an important role for flexible workspace provider BE Offices

city giving day

Julie Tucker, PR and Marketing Officer at Lord Mayor Appeal, gives us insights on City Giving Day

My first City Giving Day was in 2018. I came along to Guildhall Yard for the Lord Mayor’s opening address and a photo shoot and was able to do a few social media posts to help promote the day, including one with the famous selfie frames. At the time we had only very recently heard about City Giving Day and hadn’t had a chance to really immerse ourselves in it.

Knowing the altruistic nature of our organisation and our commitment to CSR, one of our business centre clients suggested that City Giving Day would be a good match for us.

We hadn’t heard about it before our client brought it to our attention and I’m so glad they did because it has sparked myriad opportunities for our business, not only to take part in the day itself and of course help raise funds for charitable causes, but in a much broader sense and on an ongoing basis.

City Giving Day is obviously the focal point for the Lord Mayor’s Appeal but there is so much more to it than just taking part on the day.

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Most people have an innate desire to help others but sometimes they just don’t have the opportunity to do so. City Giving Day has something to offer for everyone, it’s so easy to get involved at whatever level suits the company or the individual.

I think it’s wonderful to feel a part of something which is doing such tremendous good for so many incredible causes. Depending on the level of involvement also, there is the opportunity to meet new people, many of them hugely inspirational, as well as the learning opportunities throughout the year with programmes such as This Is Me. The more you engage the greater the opportunities.

If you are thinking of getting involved in City Giving Day, my advice would be don’t feel you have to come in to this all guns blazing. Don’t be daunted by the huge events that are being staged by big corporates who have the people and resources to make them happen. Find a way of getting involved which is right for you and your business.

To begin with that might just be going red on the day and supporting the day on social media, perhaps supporting one of the organised events such as the treasure hunt or quiz. Attend a couple of engagement breakfasts to hear from others about what they are doing.

There are so very many ways to get involved and it isn’t just about raising money on the day. Taking the initial step to sign up is sowing a mixed bag of seeds from which can grow the most unexpected and beautiful garden of opportunities.

Opportunities not only to do good for others but to develop in ways you might never have imagined, both as an individual and as a business.

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