Sweat it up at one of BXR’s boutique boxing classes


Everyone at BXR London is beautiful; walking around this boutique boxing gym in Marylebone you’ll come across the crème de la crème of physical fitness.

But they’re not just fit. They’re all tall, unseasonably tanned and just simply gorgeous. If boxing makes you look like this then sign us up for good!

Members of BXR clearly care about their fitness and looks. They’ll walk around the local Joe & the Juice (set within the gym itself) with their Fiji branded water, turmeric shots and impressive collection of activewear.

It’s strangely inspiring and intimidating at the same time. Neither the gymgoers nor the instructors are messing about here; they all mean business.

People come here to work hard – really hard – and can do so because the entire BXR space is set up to cater to this intense dedication.

What is it?

Think of BXR as boujey boxing; it’s not the kind of boxing club you’d see Rocky sweating it up in.

This is for a more sophisticated crowd of people who want to enjoy the mind and body benefits of boxing within a luxury setting – the sauna in the bathroom is one such opulent offering.

The open space upstairs is where the community vibe is most strongly felt. On weekends they’ll have an in-house DJ mixing songs for everyone’s workouts. It makes for an incredibly lively atmosphere.

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The huge upstairs space is equipped for just about any workout

Some will be sparring in the ring while others will be dotted around the facility, using the weights, bikes, ropes and large floor space for other complimentary workouts.

Downstairs BXR boasts three different studios, each equipped for several kinds of cardio, strength and flexibility classes. This part of the gym is known as Sweat. Here, you pay as you train.

While some classes are for the more hardcore fitness fanatic, there are still plenty tailored for novices wanting to don the gloves for the first time – the Boxing Skills class in particular being the very best for beginners.

How does it work?

In a Boxing Skills class you’ll experience high intensity rounds of boxing with bodyweight exercises and core drills paired with high-energy music.

You’ll be taken through the basics of footwork and punching techniques very briefly before your trainer proceeds to push your body’s physical limits. In between different combinations of punching, you’ll be told to do push-ups and burpees. Yes, they incorporate the devil’s exercise – burpees.

They will push you really hard, and it isn’t rare for people to walk out before the class is over because they have exhausted themselves.

Our tip – when doing push ups, don’t be a hero. Go on your knees, and if you feel like you’ll pass out or vomit by doing another set of burpees, simply take a break and just stand there catching your breath.

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You may be punching a bag, but it’s you who will feel the pain of these intense workouts

Don’t feel pressured or shamed into working harder. That’s how you hurt yourself and get turned off the sport.

It’s very important to know your own limits when taking these classes. For, while the gym instructors might be beautiful and smell like spring, they are tough and won’t hold back.

What are the benefits?

In terms of pure fitness benefits, boxing ticks all the boxes.

You develop greater strength, speed, agility, hand-eye co-ordination, endurance, and power – all without getting punched back (that is if you’re working with a bag rather than a partner).

And boxing can be just as much about the mind as it is about the body.

For one, you’ve got to concentrate when doing a sport like this. That means disconnecting from the outside world and being more present in the moment. It’s somewhat meditative.

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Sweat by BXR’s downstairs studios are equipped for a huge range of workouts

And it’s brilliant for stress relief. You basically get to spend the whole class hitting something.

It always helps to imagine the punching bag is something or someone who annoys or angers you. You’ll last longer and punch harder if you do so.

And BXR is a huge community space too. You’ll never be working out alone. You’ll either have your instructor pushing you forwards or fellow gymgoers lifting up the room’s intensity levels.

It will inspire you to work out more intensely and reap even greater rewards.

How much?

Sweat by BXR offers two tiers of monthly membership. ‘Sweat 30’ costs £180 per month while Sweat Unlimited goes for £300 and includes access to all the gym facilities. Extra classes can be purchased on top of this membership. One class costs £15 for members and £30 for non-members.

The main BXR London membership prices are varied and are mostly used by those wanting to become a professional boxer. Sweat by BXR is where most people end up.


24 Paddington Street, Marylebone W1U 5QY.