Brits reconsidering where they live as a result of lockdown


A new survey has revealed that the coronavirus pandemic has forced Brits to reconsider where they live.

The survey of over 2,000 UK adults conducted by Censuswide and commissioned by estate agency Yopa asked people about their relationships with their homes, families and communities, generating some interesting responses.

When asked whether the pandemic urged them to reconsider where in the country they live, 25% Brits said yes, with most people attributing this to a newfound desire to live closer to family members.

Brits seem to have a new appreciation for family in general, with the lockdown causing almost a third of those under the age of 34 to consider starting or growing their family.

Perhaps related to this, 40% of buyers are now looking for a larger property. However, 27% of parents have been put off home-schooling as a long-term option. 14% of dads are now more open to the idea, compared with just 7% of mums.

One in 10 respondents are now considering asking their elderly parents to move in with them in the future.

A change in attitudes towards working from home has also left many people considering moving away from busy commuter towns and cities.

Over 20% respondents revealed that their employer has indicated that working from home will be commonplace in the future, and 36% of people said that, if given more flexibility to work from home, they would reconsider where in the country they live.

This increased to 43% among Londoners, suggesting a London exodus might not be so unlikely.

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1 in 5 people said they now feel less inclined to live near busy towns and cities, but for those who do choose to remain, they may find their commute pleasantly less busy, with 37% of people now more inclined to walk or cycle to work in the future.

Yopa’s operations director Chris Rosindale said: “It’s not surprising that Brits’ attitudes towards their properties have evolved over the lockdown period. For many of us it’s been the most time we’ve ever spent in our homes.

“For a lot of people, it was an opportunity to take stock of their lives and consider whether they were truly happy with where they live.

“We know that visits to the property portals grew exponentially over lockdown, and our survey revealed that 75% people looking to sell their property over the next three years spent lockdown browsing property online.

“At Yopa we’re already seeing a shift in buyer demand away from busy towns and cities, so it will be interesting to see whether this trend continues.”

The lockdown also had many people dreaming of greener pastures, with one in four people stating that they now feel more inclined to move somewhere with greater access to green spaces, and the same number of people wishing they had more garden space.

For those looking to purchase a property in the next three years, this figure increases to 43%, suggesting that gardens will be high on buyers’ wishlists over the coming months.

And Britain’s coastal dwellers better watch out – one in five people are now considering a move to the seaside.

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