British Psychological Society launches homeworking guidance for workers and employers


In response to the huge change in working practices the British Psychological Society (BPS) has today published guidance on how to create healthy sustainable homeworking conditions for both workers and their employers.

Working from home has become widespread since restrictions to control Covid-19 were introduced in the UK. This has meant a major shift for individuals and organisations.

The guidelines, ‘Working from home: Healthy sustainable working during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond’, outline the practical steps and considerations that can make homeworking a success and has advice for both workers and their employers.

Drawing on psychological expertise the guidelines advise workers to set appropriate boundaries between their work and personal life and encourage employers to recognise and address risks to physical and mental wellbeing involved in remote working.

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It also recommends that employers adopt a flexible approach because each individual’s situation will be different and may change rapidly without warning.

Professor Gail Kinman, joint author and member of the BPS Covid-19 Working Differently Group, said: “Working from home can work well, but under current conditions some people have struggled to adjust to new environments and working patterns.

“Managing employees is different and what works in a traditional workplace may not apply when working remotely. It’s important to get the balance right when making arrangements that aim to meet everyone’s needs. Effective two-way communication is essential at every stage.”

“We hope our new guidance will help employers and employees work together to ensure successful and healthy homeworking.”

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