The very best dance classes around the City of London

Bring on the at-home dance classes
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Did you know dancing burns more calories than running?

Plus, let’s be honest, it is so much more fun too. You get a proper workout while listening to your favourite tunes, having a good laugh at yourself when you mess up and building up all the endorphins. It’s as much about the mind as it is the body.

You’re in a room full of people wanting to have fun – it’s not meant to be taken too seriously. If that’s what you want, then you can go to a proper dance studio with the pros. Our favourites are those where you can just leave all dance shame at the door and get into the zone. It doesn’t matter if you look like a fool – as long as you’re having a good time.

Because fitness should be fun. The pain of working out is far too over-emphasised and glorified these days. Much like stress and over-working have become social currency, so has the pain of exercising. Reject that way of thinking and actually enjoy your workout. Try out one if these dance classes and thank us later. You won’t regret it.


This modern and relaxed gym chain hits the bull’s eye with most of their classes aimed at everyday fitness folk who want to have a little fun when working out – you don’t need to be one of those hardcore gym junkies to come here. And their dance classes are the perfect representation of this. You’ll get a proper sweat on while having a good giggle too. That means you get a mini ab workout too. The instructors make some fairly easy routines (changing it up fairly regularly) and are full of nonsensical energy. A lot of the fun starts with the instructors, allowing you to really let go and get into the routines.

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Embrace your inner diva at Frame

Dance Cardio is a proper workout for those wanting to get the heart rate up quickly while the I Weigh Dance It Off classes focus on the mental benefits of dancing (with Frame donating a portion of the cost of each class to the Heads Together charity too). You’ll leave, having done a proper workout, but also with a big old grin on your face from having had some good old-fashioned fun. Whoever said gyms had to be so serious?
New Inn Yard EC2A 3EY & 35 Farringdon Road EC1M 3JB


Do you feel really white when you dance? Just lacking any rhythm and soul? Gymbox’s dance classes really help with that. Learn how to whine, roll, drop, rock and isolate your body at their Dancehall classes – getting to know those hips of yours along the way. We’re also huge fans of their Shyway classes held at the Old Street location. Born straight out of the ’70s underground club scene, Shway is a full body dance using footwork, hip and chest isolations with distinctive and ultra-powerful arms! It’s all about self-expression and embracing your own personal power while working out. Dressing up for these one’s is definitely encouraged too.
Various City locations including those in Bank, Old Street, Holborn, Farringdon and Cannon Street.

City Academy

These guys offer the most diverse range of dance classes – about 30 of them. So there’s absolutely no excuse for not finding one that fits. Those totally afraid of their feet should start out with the Absolute Beginners Dance classes which are all about getting your confidence and coordination up so you can really take advantage of their other classes. Try out ballet, ballroom, Bollywood and belly dancing classes (that’s just the B’s) or get around their more workout focused Dance Fitness Bootcamp. Here, you burn fat, build muscle and improve flexibility with a group of people having a genuinely good time.
Various locations

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Learnt he moves to your fave dance video at Seen on Screen

Seen on Screen

So many dance classes focus on recreating music videos and famous dance routines, but few compare to Seen on Screen. They’ve perfected their methods of teaching. And you don’t have to be a Beyoncé level pro to enjoy it – all they ask is you have a big give-it-a-go attitude. So much of dancing is about just diving right into it and having no shame. Start things off with their commercial class before moving up to some of the more intense 90-minute workshops which focus on a particular theme or artist. They’ll quickly build you up to be a proper dancer in no time, eventually get you into their masterclasses.
Mob45, 20 Farringdon Road EC1M 3AP