Best Bagels in the City

Best Bagels in the City of London
Credit Harry Young

Are you feeling a little peckish? You’ve got that feeling that you won’t be satisfied until that bagel sized hole in your life is filled.

Well, we’ve got you’ve covered as we’ve gone out and discovered some of the best bagel shops to be found in the City. Whether you want a classic like salted beef or maybe something a little different like a pink marshmellow in a rainbow bagel, we’ve got it all, writes Harry Young.

Original Bagel

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Original Bagel credit Harry Young

Located just a short walk from the Barbican station this bagel shop is in a league of its own. Their broad menu is bursting at the seams with innovative and delicious choices, from house favourites such as salt beef to tasty alternatives such as halloumi with avocado or even their vegan selection.

Enjoy a chat with their passionate team as they whip up your order, it’s not hard to see why 80% of the customers are regulars as they feel like a beating heart for the community, and they’re just a bagel shop!

For anyone searching for the quintessential City bagel experience, Original Bagels is a must-visit.

22 Goswell Road EC1M 7AA

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Credit Original Bagel

Rinkoff Bakery

The Rinkoff Bakery is a bagel lover’s delight, tucked away off Mile End Road. As soon as you step foot inside, you’re greeted by the tantalizing smell of freshly baked goods and you might find it hard to focus just on the bagels. With a rich history dating back over a century, Rinkoff Bakery has mastered the art of creating delectable bagels that are a true testament to their long experience.

Furthermore, Rinkoff Bakery’s attention to detail extends to their wide selection of spreads and toppings. Whether you prefer a classic tuna sweetcorn, or a flavourful smoked salmon cream cheese, you’ll find something to satisfy your taste buds. Maybe you’ve got a sweet tooth, Rinkoff has you covered. Try one of their rainbow bagels filled with your choice of either pink marshmallow or Oreo cream cheese.

Whether you enjoy them on their own or as the base for a delicious sandwich, Rinkoff Bakery’s bagels will leave you craving more.

222-226 Jubilee St E1 3BS
Home – Rinkoffs Bakery

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Credit Original Bagel

Beigel Shop

When people think of bagels in London there’s one that immediately springs to mind. The Beigel Shop has been a staple for bagels lovers across London for nearly 50 years and its popularity doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. An icon of Brick Lane, their salted beef is legendary and is worth the short queue that is common outside the shop. As you shuffle in you’ve got plenty of time to look over the menu, just remember you’re there for the beigels, try your best not to impulsively buy a pasty box filled with lots of tasty treats. Once you’ve got your order ready, the friendly staff whip it up in a moment and you’ve got your beigel in hand, now for the best bit.

Loaded with melt in the mouth salted beef, delicious gherkins and tangy mustard, all inside a slightly chewy entirely delicious bagel, it’s truly an experience to try for yourself. However, you can’t go wrong with their other choices too, from salmon and cream cheese, hummus and cheese, they’re all going to impress. Plus, if you’re looking to get a box of beigels for the family or the office then grab one of their platters, overfilling with filled beigels ready for some eager hands.

155 Brick Ln E1 6SB
Beigel Bake

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Credit Unsplash

Dirty Bagel

While there are a number of tasty food stalls in Spitalfields Market there is one that really stands out for its simplicity and originality. Dirty Bagel is like no other bagel that we tried here at City Matters, while many other bagels shop fill their menu with a plethora of choices Dirty Bagel goes that other way completely, they only have the one. One bagel is all you need when it tastes at good as it does, they are indeed pulled pork specialists with melt in your mouth meat, your choice of extras and tasty toppings.

By keeping the selection so limited it allows for a focus on quality over quantity, and it certainly delivers. Prepared right in front of you by their friendly staff it’s hard not a stare as your bagel is heaped with mountains of shredded pulled pork, cheddar cheese that is melted with a blowtorch and spicy jalapenos with American mustard, simply divine!

Old Spitalfields Market E1 6EA
Dirty Bagel

Bagel Express

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Bagel Express credit Harry Young

If you’re a fan of a hearty and alternative bagels than Bagel Express is certainly the place for you. With a menu almost overflowing with options it can be hard to come to make a choice in the moment. They take care to make sure every detail of their bagel is looked at to ensure maximum flavour and enjoyment. Each bagel is buttered which adds another layer of flavour, especially on their more popular selection such as chicken deluxe bagel that comes out piping hot and filled to bursting with crunchy chicken.

That’s not all however, their halloumi, avocado, hummus and tomato bagel was certainly an ‘oh wow’ moment with crispy halloumi that worked perfectly with the smooth avocado, hummus and juicy tomatoes. Paired with the friendly staff and an inviting shop you’ve got a great bagel experience no matter what you go for.

14 Brune St, London E1 7NJ
Bagel Express — Bagel Shop in London


Here at City Matters we try our best to look for those that try to do things a bit different and Bagelmania does that in all the best ways. Not only do they have all the classics we’ve come to know and love (such as hot salt beef and salmon and cream cheese) they set themselves apart with their Build Your Own bagels. If you’ve anything like me then this can be the worst thing ever as you stand there for the next five minutes umming and ahing on what to get. Thankfully, no matter what you go for there it’s always going to be a delicious choice.

Another curiosity of Bagelmania that certainly lives up to the name is the large selection of bagel burgers and though at first, I was a little apprehensive, I soon came round to their way of thinking. On a slightly chewy (but entirely delicious) bagel you have your choice of 6oz burgers, chicken fillet and hot salt brisket with various accompaniments it was a real treat to try them. My suggestion is to grab a tasty bagel then pop round the corner to Finsbury Circus Gardens and grab a seat while you enjoy, perfection.

Salisbury House EC2M 5QD
Bagelmania (London Wall) – Order Now

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