Barbican Association members voted in for 2020-21 term


With a Zoom AGM under its belt, our Barbican Association is as active as ever. 

Elected members for 2020-21 are Randall Anderson, David Bradshaw, Michael Bristow, Sue Cox, Adam Hogg, David Kirkby, Christopher Makin, Jane Smith and Sandy Wilson. 

At the follow-up meeting, we gave a grand virtual round of applause to Jane Smith as she stepped down from the role of chair after more than a decade. 

Jane will stay on as Deputy Chair to assist as Adam Hogg takes over as chair. Christopher Makin was renewed as honorary secretary for another year.

I asked Adam, our new Chair, for a few words: “Having rented in Shakespeare Tower in the 2000’s, I purchased a flat in Andrewes where I intend to spend the rest of my life. 

“Chamberlain Powell and Bon, who were family friends, created a wonderful place to live and my prime task as Chairman of the Barbican Residents Association is to ensure that it remains so and will continue to offer the Barbican Life that we all love.”  

One of the issues which has come up recently is the campaign to have a general resident exemption for the Beech Street zero emission scheme – not just for Barbican residents for but everyone in the local area. 

The Beech Street restrictions discriminate against all residents right now because of the serious lack of EV charging facilities. Without chargers, we cannot easily switch to electric vehicles.

In the Barbican Estate, out of 1,273 car parking bays in the car parks, only 30 are equipped with EV charging points. Five of the 10 Barbican Estate car parks, including those along Beech Street itself, have no EV charging points at all. 

We make the point that all residents in the area should be exempted from the scheme until such time as they can be given a reasonable opportunity to switch to electric vehicles. If you wish to support this campaign, please email [email protected].

Bastion House is the brown/grey block on pillars adjacent east of the current Museum of London along London Wall. Obviously, you will know about the plans to move the museum to Smithfield and that the space they vacate (plus some) would be used for a new Centre for Music. 

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With the economic hit imposed by the pandemic, there is uncertainty now about this plan and there is some worry that Bastion House could just be sold off to developers who would build yet another lucrative residential block. The BA are keeping a close watch on this.

In September 2019, the City proposed the undertaking of a comprehensive Governance Review of the City Corporation. This proposal, endorsed by the Court of Common Council, recognised that because of the unique and historic nature of the City Corporation it requires good governance to ensure it functions effectively and to the highest possible standards. 

A year later, on 15 September, the City of London Corporation published the review which was conducted independently by Lord Lisvane. 

The BA are reviewing the structure of governance and discussing with the City as it digests Lord Lisvane’s review (which among other things, recommended disbanding the Barbican Residential Committee).

Ever hopeful, the BA encourage the City forward with progressive Climate Change policies and are meeting with Kate Smith (City) to do what we can towards the next phase of the City’s Climate Action Strategy.

The next BA meeting is on the 10th December so if there is anything you want to bring to their attention, please contact your House Group (or me and I’ll escalate).

The Barbican Estate Office request that you report any podium light faults to the Highways Department of the Built Environment on [email protected] to and it would help if you also let your BEO House Officer know, too. 

Whether in lockdown or not, your neighbours are there for you and Barbican Volunteers are still manning the Helpline on 07376 068137. 

You can get in touch with me on [email protected] and keep up with resident news at

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