Artists unite to create films inspired by lockdown in the City of London


Two films, inspired by the City of London in lockdown, have been released on Culture Mile’s YouTube channel. The films ​feature London Symphony Orchestra musicians Gareth Davies (flute) and Maxine Kwok (violin), premiering new music by composers Jasmine Kent Rodgman and Darren Bloom.

The films – called PLAY: Rising and PLAY: The Spell & The Promise– are directed by emerging filmmakers Antonia Luxem and Lexi Kiddo, featuring dancers Marie Astrid Mence, Salomé Pressac and Faye Stoeser.

Using the City in lockdown as inspiration, these films highlight the incredible creative energy of the Square Mile, which remains undiminished despite lockdown restrictions. This project provides a virtual platform for creative talent in the City of London to collaborate, giving an opportunity to emerging artists to work with LSO musicians.

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See some unique City of London perspectives of lockdown. Photo and feature image by Odera Okoye.

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Co-commissioned by Culture Mile and Brookfield Properties in partnership with the LSO, this project marks the latest development in the organisations’ long-standing collaboration and demonstrates how organisations can work together to support freelance artistic talent during uncertain times.

Filming took place during the second lockdown in November, with all involved adhering to strict social distancing guidelines in line with government advice.

Kathryn McDowell, Managing Director, London Symphony Orchestra, “As support for musicians and creatives is vitally important, now more than ever, the LSO was keen to work together with Brookfield Properties and our close partners Culture Mile on this dynamic project.

“These two powerful and moving films are testament to the collaborative pulse of Culture Mile partnerships. The creative talent of the musicians, dancers, composers and film artists involved illustrates the versatility and resilience of the arts in the City at this time.”

To view the films, visit Culture Mile’s YouTube channel: PLAY | ‘Rising’ by Antonia Luxem and PLAY | ‘The Spell & The Promise’ by Lexi Kiddo

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