89% of Londoners opt for UK staycation amid coronavirus crisis


The majority of London’s holidaymakers (89%) would prefer to holiday here in the UK rather than travel abroad this year, with 71% citing fears of being stranded abroad and uncertainty around Covid-19 (58%) as their main motivation for a British staycation.

Just over half (54%) of those surveyed by building society The Cumberland admit to having concerns about quarantine measures with 48% noting self-isolation at their destination is a major concern.

A total of 66% of respondents from the capital are intending to plan a UK holiday in 2021, suggesting that the great British staycation is not just a short term solution to the coronavirus pandemic, but a long-term option for holidaymakers and a significant confidence boost for the hospitality sector.

“This is an incredibly valuable piece of research for the British hospitality industry, as it reinforces the shift in mood amongst Britons when it comes to holidaying and travel,” said Bob Bishopp, head of commercial lending at The Cumberland.

“With mortgage customers across the hospitality industry, from hotels and guesthouses to holiday let owners, we have traversed the Covid-19 journey with them, and know how vital this staycation bounce back will be to their long-term success.

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“We’re thrilled to see residents from London are overwhelmingly opting for a UK holiday, not only this year but into next year as well, which I’m confident will prove to be a lifeline to the entire sector. Those in the hospitality industry have worked incredibly hard since lockdown, in probably the most challenging circumstances the sector has seen.

“The goal has been  to ensure the safest possible return for tourists and holidaymakers, while maintaining the safety of local residents, and that effort is now bearing fruit as we see Brits truly embracing the staycation.”

Findings from the research also revealed that before Covid-19 hit, Spain was the most popular foreign destination, with over a quarter (28%) of London’s respondents admitting to cancelling their summer holiday to the country and opting for a British holiday instead.

Meanwhile, Scotland was the favourite UK alternative for Londoners, with 20% opting to holiday there followed closely by Wales at 17%.

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