6 outdoor living trends just in time for Summer 2021


There’s nothing like being stuck at home for a year that prompts us to seek new ways of enjoying our outdoor space. Especially because so many of us will continue to pursue working from home – trying to create a more sustainable lifestyle. In preparation for summer 2021, many of us are investing to improve our backyards, patios and gardens – those of us who have them at least.

And despite lockdown restrictions easing, we’re expecting the popularity of outdoor living spaces to continue as people want to enjoy the beauty of nature, especially in the heat. We spoke to design expert, Sylvia James from HomeHow, who outlines the top outdoor living trends to expect in summer 2021.

Cooler Tables

As summer approaches, it becomes difficult to keep drinks cool when socialising outside in the heat. Nobody likes a warm beer, and that’s where tables with coolers come in. This is a luxurious coffee table in your garden, doubling up as a party bar table and ice cooler.

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Keep your chilled drinks as close to you as possible

You can have the cooler on display as a centrepiece, or you can purchase a table which covers the cooler when it is not in use. If you are DIY savvy, you can build your own table by following a woodworking plan. With this route, you will need to consider table design, water drainage, wood and ice cooler sourcing.

Hanging bench swings

During Covid-19, our homes were our havens, and that will continue despite restrictions easing. Bench swings provide a restful spot for your family to relax in summer. Whether you use the swing to spend time with a loved one, or calmly read a book, they are a much cosier option than a standard stationary bench in your garden.

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Forget the rocking chair, opt for the swing bench instead

If a classic bench swing is too big for your porch, you can get single seater swings made of wicker, wood, wrought iron or even recycled plastic.

Farmhouse tables

Summer 2021 will be filled with socialising, and farmhouse tables are simple, practical but also make a big design impact for this. Typically, they are made to seat as many people around them, as comfortably as possible.

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Rustic outdoor design is very in right now

Seating 10 or even 12 guests, they come in a variety of styles from reclaimed wood to handcrafted design. Whilst you can have individual seating, benches are the best way to create the rustic farmhouse feel in your garden.

Sectional Furniture

Outdoor sectional furniture will continue to be popular in summer 2021, as it can transform a large backyard into a beautiful yet functional outdoor space. Consisting of 5–7-seater sofas and a coffee table, it is the perfect solution for garden parties and social gatherings as Covid-19 restrictions ease.

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We’ll be entertaining outdoors more and more now – best make room for more people

Outdoor sectional furniture sets can be the centrepiece of any modern patio. To assemble, separate and identify all the parts before following the step-by-step instructions. Ensure you place a soft mat underneath to avoid any scratches.

Fire Pits 

Fire pits in gardens are a fantastic way to extend the time you spend outdoors with your loved ones. They are a year-round investment by providing a cosy, warm spot during the colder off seasons, but it will be popular to provide a night-time ambience to your garden space in summer.

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Get yourselves a big fire pit which doubles as a grill

Look for a firepit with a carbon steel cooking ring that encases the fire, so you can use it for outdoor grilling too. That way it not only looks good and keeps you warm, but is super functional too.

Deck planters

After being confined indoors for over a year, we will be craving greenery in our outdoor spaces. Deck planters are perfect for adding some greenery into your outdoor space in a sophisticated, dramatic way. Specifically for smaller garden areas, they are great for filling every area possible with plants, even if you don’t have space on the ground.

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For those of us who have delved deep into gardening, these big planters are ideal

While some deck planters can be expensive, there are more affordable options available made from materials such as wooden crates and concrete blocks. If you want more of an earthy feel, fill your planter with stones and rocks so it blends into the outdoor space easily.

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