These are some of the top fitness trends for 2021

Gymbox have made each of their gyms super safe, but you won't have to wear face masks as you workout - dont worry

Most of us have felt our physical and mental health take a constant battering this year. And we’ve rightly changed priorities and goals, focusing on just getting through the madness that has been 2020.

But we can try to feel as if we are getting some control and order back in 2021, by taking the reins of our workout routines, doing our best to stay fit and healthy.

And with that in mind, we’ve worked with Gymbox to bring a list of 2021 fitness trends, so you can be inspired to get back out there and move those muscles. Or at the very least, just get away from your at-home desk for a short while each day. It will do you wonders. So check out what’s set to be the top workouts this coming year, as we continue to power through the pandemic.

Community classes

The way we socialise with friends and spend time with work colleagues has changed, but in 2021 we will be dedicated to a community experience be it IRL or Virtual using classes as a way to allow friends and colleagues to meet safely and socialise.

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Your living room has become your own fitness studio now. May as well take some online classes with those who have had to do the same.

Finding spaces and activity where we can socialise safely having been deprived of community will be a hit in 2021. Gyms all over London have launched live streaming and on demand classes like Gymbox’s Out the Box where you can train from anywhere. They’ve even forged some wicked fitness partnerships with Coach Cory of TrackMafia and Nike Run Club fame to Yogangster and Steel Warriors.

Competition based classes

What most of us are craving more than ever is real-life connection. Hannah Curtis Nunn, Group Fitness Director says “We are gearing up for the return of freedom in 2021 and how we can get people back into our clubs and training up for some real competition”

Gymbox have teamed up with Hyrox and will be offering classes to train you up for their debut event in the UK in June 2021.  Each event will host up to 3,000 participants per day in an indoor arena which includes a 1 km run, followed by 1 functional workout and repeats 8 times. Classes will take you through the skill and endurance needed to compete for any big race that can take place in 2021.

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Laughter Yoga: We all need a good therapeutic giggle

Prioritising movement & rehabilitation

Lockdown put a real emphasis on the need for everyday movement alongside a fitness regime or a daily workout. With the daily commute taken out of your weekly routine, it plunged peoples passive activity output and ideas like ‘Movement Snacks’ and ways to keep you moving through your day popped up all over social media.

Active Beast an animal flow class is already live on Out The Box. Hannah Curtis Nunn adds “The class lends itself well to a small space with an element of skill that was lapped up though lockdown where people had the time to explore the movements and their own abilities without having to disturb their neighbours below!” Active Beast has made it back onto the timetables at Gymbox this January with a much higher demand for members to improve their functional movement.

Rampant Rehab is a collaboration with Theragun and launches in 2021. When your workout leaves you feeling done in, our Theraguns will help you hit the spot. This impressive tool allows you to self-massage in all the right places – working away all your aches and pains at the touch of a button. Choose your speed. Experiment with vibrations.

Recovery classes

A focus on recovery classes had remerged on the back of two lockdowns with classes like Digital Detox helping those with Zoom or phone fatigue and The Pranayama Sessions, a meditation class which provides class users a chance to unlock the secrets to inner focus.

Mental Health in 2021 will really need to be at the heart of any health and fitness operators agenda. Taking care of each others mental health as well as physical should be a big part of every gym’s agenda. That’s why so many studios are now offering meditation and sound therapy classes to members.

Emotive/Experiential classes

After a difficult 2020, people will want to inject fun back into their lives and classes that offer an immersive experience will shine in 2021. Hannah Curtis Nunn adds “At Gymbox, we have found that our members look for classes that they can let lose in, new experiences they can drop into with no other purpose than sweating or moving while having some fun or a having a new or different experience”

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Bring on the at-home dance classes/ parties with Gymbox.

As nightclubs look to stay closed for the foreseeable, Gymbox will introduce another creative class LSDizzy which brings the nightclub vibe to the gym with a dance class inspired by the Rave culture using LED whips and kaleidoscope goggles to transport you to another dimension. Much needed in this current world!

We’ve got to think out of the box these days, when it comes to everything we do – especially in terms of taking care of our physical and mental wellbeing. These new trends exist to help us navigate the madness of 2021, trying to find some calm and control within it. Good luck guys!

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