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Here’s our pick of Whiskey’s to try this month.


NIO, which stands for “Needs Ice Only,” is a fabulous Italian letterbox cocktails brand, offering bar-quality cocktails without the hassle of mixing or measuring.,NIO has a Whiskey Box collection and a range of Whiskey single cocktails – perfect for those summer nights.


If you’re looking for a whiskey that showcases delicious spiciness throughout – then this is a great one to try.


Another one to try this month is this fantastic Whiskey from Balblair. This whiskey is complex and satisfying. You can thank us later.

Castletown Mill: A History Through Whisky Sagas, Saga 2

Stanngerill Whisky: Cask Ownership Programme


Ireland’s first ‘all island’ blend – it’s not often that distilleries will agree to transparently co-exist in a bottle, but the result has been fantastic with this blend of whiskeys from each of the four proud provinces of Ireland. Kirker Greer Spirits has brought four distilleries together from 4 provinces on both sides of the border (Ulster, Leinster, Munster & Connacht) to create the world’s first ‘all-Ireland’ blended whiskey.

The Tottori Blended Whisky (43% abv)

A blend of three Japanese whiskies from across Japan aged in toasted American oak barrels with spring water from Mount Daisen. Perfect in a classic Highball. Light amber in colour with an elegant nose, balanced with notes of dried fruits, hints of spices. Floral, rich and complex with spices, vanilla and chocolate on the palate with a refined finish including oaky notes.

Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey

Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey is a fully independent, black-owned and female led spirits company which has a fascinating story of honour, respect, and an unlikely friendship between an enslaved man, named Uncle Nearest, and Jack Daniel, the white chore boy, who became the founding father of Tennessee Whiskey.

Woodford Reserve

Founded in 1996, Woodford Reserve is The World’s Finest Bourbon, embodying quality substance and style – beautifully complex and perfectly balanced.

Woodford Reserve Distiller’s Select is available in all major UK retailers, RRP £35. For more information, visit

Benriach 2008 15 Year Old

One of Speyside’s great old distilleries, Benriach is known for its generous notes of soft fruit and citrus. Speyside is a natural place to start if you’re looking for big, fruity flavours but this Benriach is a particularly good example of that style of whisky. It has abounding juicy tropical fruit notes that have developed in the 15 years spent maturing in a hogshead – a cask slightly larger than the standard barrel. This balance between cask influence and spirit character was exactly what the team were looking for in a full-flavoured whisky that’s perfect to pour on a summer’s evening.

The Seasons collection

Lowland Single Malt 2012 11 Year Old

The Scottish Lowlands often bring to mind light, floral and refreshing single malts like this one from a mystery distillery. 11 years in a refill hogshead has let the spirit mature nicely without becoming overwhelmed, a great example of whisky and cask working in perfect harmony. Filled with bright notes of stone fruit and a hint of vanilla, this is the perfect dram to serve at your summer party.

Ardmore 1997 26 Year Old

This well aged Ardmore is waxy and honeyed, with tropical notes that made the team think of summer holidays on the beach. The Ardmore boasts intense tropical fruit notes with a rich texture reminiscent of warm beeswax.

The complete set of The Seasons whiskies will be released this year and next for the Autumn, Winter and Spring collections. Each entry will come from a single cask and be bottled without chill filtration or any added colouring to preserve the character of the spirit.

The Seasons collection is available exclusively via The Whisky Exchange, visit:

White Heather Blended Scotch

Our ultra-premium small-batch blended Scotch whisky with an unusually high malt content. The name refers to a rare flower which is a good luck symbol in Scottish Folklore.

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