How to stay fit throughout summer in London


When it’s cold and raining outside, we can justify staying in and ordering food straight to the couch. We can lock the bike in the shed for a few months. And the swim trunks find their way down to the deep depths of the drawer.

But now that the days are getting longer and warmer, there’s no excuse for missing your workout. Motivation is much easier to come by. Mostly because summer exercise is just so much more fun. You don’t need to be stuck inside lifting weights or running about a windowless underground room being yelled at by unseasonably tanned trainers who love their salons.

You can actually get some good old-fashioned Vitamin D while burning up calories in the great London outdoors. Here are a few of our favourite ways to stay fit in summer:


London Lidos are flooded with people once more. As are the Hampstead Heath ponds. However, those of us who may find the idea of laps a bit daunting, head to Immerse on Old Broad Street. The adult-only swimming classes are for all abilities. Opt for an intensive class to really power-up your confidence, or submerge yourself into early morning sessions to start the day feeling energised.

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While aqua classes may more traditionally cater for the elderly and injured because of the low intensity nature of the workout, places like Better Gyms & Leisure Centres around the capital offer fun aqua aerobics classes for all ages, and they’re very affordable. Workout in the water and having a good laugh while you exercise. Also head to the Golden Lane Fitness Centre, Ironmonger Row Baths, and even Third Space for more swimming fun in the City of London.


Parks are full of people donning their summer active wear, jogging in the sun before sitting at a nearby café with their iced lattes and well-earned cinnamon buns. Working out doesn’t get much better than that. And while running alone with some tunes can be very therapeutic, group running clubs have really surged in popularity lately.

Run Dem Crew is one of the best versions; going around Bank, Old Street and Shoreditch. It was also started by a DJ so you know the music will be great. LDN Brunch Club is also tailor made for fitness loving foodies who want to work out, feast and socialise all in one go. Each week they end up at a different café or restaurant, so you can visualise a different brunch dish each time you’re running around the City, dreaming of the best hollandaise, bacon bap or smashed avo on toast. Now that’s motivation.

And the proper runners can go on all the races their super healthy hearts desire, including the upcoming Asics and Adidas running competitions around the City, or start training now for next year’s London Marathon. It’s never too early to start working towards your big fitness goals. Summer is truly the best time to start building up that motivation, so when winter comes around again, you’re properly prepared to keep going.


Commuters all over London are rejoicing at the longer days and reduced chances of rain. It makes cycling to work just that much easier. You save so much money, fit in a morning workout, and are helping the environment. It’s a win, win, win.

But so many people are still afraid of cycling on London’s roads. That doesn’t need to be the case, due to the new cycling infrastructure hitting the City. Plus, there are plenty of councils around London which offer free cycling training to adults. Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Camden, Southwark and Lambeth are just a few. They’ll even make a route to work from your home and teach you the safest way to go about it.

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And, like with running, the more hardcore cyclists can join group rides out into the countryside or just around the City. Try out London Dynamo, the Central London Cycle Touring ClubLondon Cycling Campaign Rides, or even Rapha’s long list of groups for people of all levels.


Yoga is another hugely trending workout in London. And, as summer gets nearer, more and more outdoor classes spurt up around the City. This way you can make a fool of yourself in front of perfect strangers in the park. We jest; it means you can commune with nature and really relax while feeling the sun’s rays warm you up. Plus, it won’t be so cramped and sweaty.

Head to Madison or Roof East Stratford for rooftop yoga sessions overlooking the breath-taking City-scape. Or, most major parks are frequented by yoga clubs – they’re just a Google away.

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