Severin*s: The Alpine Retreat in Lech am Arlberg


Winter is coming and that means just one thing – we are mountain people now. Forget beachside deckchairs and never-ending Aperol Spritzes on the Med. It’s like that summertime life never existed. Now it’s time to rug up and get proper cosy before exploring the great wilderness dusted in snow.

Skiers can head up to the slopes and take part in the party atmosphere so many of these spots have. But those of us looking for a luxury retreat, away from the masses best give Severin*s a look.

This boutique lodge-like hotel is where we’d love to base ourselves while exploring this part of Austria. It has everything you’d ever need, plus a whole host of things you never thought you needed before arriving.

The Suites

The Alpine Retreat has only 9 suites, as well as one crazy cool private residence. Each of the suites are decently sized (47 to 67 m² in size) while The Residence is an enormous 423 m² – which can house up to eight guests at once. That’s enough for the whole family and a few lucky plus ones. Or four luxury seeking couples.

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Get your own luxury lodge for the week

In The Residence, you even get a private cinema (for those days you just want to live inside and be as lazy and luxurious as you can). Free coffee, booze and WiFi are included too. Enjoy all of this out on our own private terrace overlooking the looming mountains covered in ice, taking in the views from Lech to Arlberg.

Wellness Focus

You can’t come to a place like this in winter and not spend a good chunk of time dipping in and out of saunas. Here, the Severin*s team have set up programmes and facilities made for destressing the body and helping guests gain total comfort. You may just find your very own hot and sweaty Nirvana within these wood-clad walls.

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The wellness facilities are modern and sleek

The cleansing power of the heat promotes blood circulation, strengthens the body’s defences, stimulates the cardiovascular system, supports the regeneration process, reduces stress and frees you of all excess. All of this can be found in their Finnish sauna, infrared cabin and extra lush steam bath.

You can then get a little more active in the 12.5m indoor pool and super high-tech indoor gym – because we are persistently told that some people like to exercise on holidays. We still don’t understand this urge, but Severin*s get those people. If it were up to us, we’d just expand the spa but we can be fairly lazy sods when travelling abroad.


When people from all over the region come to your hotel’s restaurant for fine dining experiences, you know you’ve made the right choice. Tuck into all kinds of local specialities, made from produce sourced nearby.

It’s all modern, high-end food within a sleek and cosy setting. Either gather around the fire with some hot toddies or sit by the windows overlooking the winter wonderland you get to call home for a short while. With this gem of a restaurant here, you’ll struggle to explore much of the surrounding Austrian landscape and small surrounding villages.

The Location

Severin*s: The Alpine Retreat is located in Stubenbach, which belongs to Lech am Arlberg. The surrounding mountain landscape attracts nature and sport enthusiasts all year round but winter is made for short strolls and skiing in the nearby slopes.

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Explore your own snow covered wilderness

The resort villages of Zürs, St Christoph and St. Anton are located in the immediate vicinity and aren’t hard to reach. Many people stay in Severin*s because of the ease at which you can get to these parts – but also because of the distance too. Staying in the large resorts can be hectic. Staying outside of it, dipping you toes in and out when you like, is the best way to go.

It means those wanting to hit the slopes can catch a shuttle up the mountain while others can stay around The Alpine Retreat and explore the immediate vicinity or simply hide away in the spa a little longer. Basically, you get all the best bits of a luxury vacation. It comes with the hefty price tag, but you get what you pay for. It’s the best way to live like a mountain man – without having to rough it.