Saddlers’ Hall converts space into streaming studio


The City of London’s historic livery halls are mostly used to host large corporate or personal functions – but so many of these kinds of events have been cancelled for the foreseeable future.

So, in order to keep the heating on, Saddlers’ Hall has made the decision to convert one of their rooms into a high-tech streaming studio.

Offering an alternative to the live event model, the studio is really conveniently located meters from St. Paul’s Cathedral and purposely designed for presenters to communicate with colleagues, clients and wider audiences throughout the world.

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This is one sleek studio

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It can be used for one-way broadcasts as well as fully interactive events engaging audiences in polls, Q&A and more. It makes Zoom look like amateur hour.

And much of this is tanks to all the impressive gear they have available. State of the art video, audio and lighting equipment provides a seamless production while multiple UHD cameras offer a clear, well defined image streamed directly to your audience or recorded for later release. It’s pretty damn impressive.

Either call 020 8350 7607 or email [email protected] to get more info.

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