Review: CBD Massage at The Ned Spa

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The Ned

Reviewing spas is a tough job… Okay, we know we sound awful, but hear us out: the better the treatment, the more relaxed you’ll be. The more relaxed you are, the harder it is to remember elements of the massage… We are not fooling anyone, are we?

This, however, was certainly the case for us at The Ned Spa. Having been lucky enough to try a lot of soothing treatments, the CBD Massage at The Ned Spa, without a doubt, is the most relaxing of them all. So, bear with us as we remember the details.

If you have a membership, or have a friend who does, you’ll know how vast the entrance to The Ned is. The former Midland Bank HQ, as you enter, it is hard not to feel little as you take in the exquisite interior. However, the spa is even more impressive.

Make your way down to the basement and you’ll find the beautifully designed spa, which has shelves laden with Cowshed products and candles, which is enough to delight anyone.

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Directed to make ourselves comfortable on a plush velvet armchair while we waited, we took in the rest of the room which included a white peacock and the bank’s vault door, which we proceeded to walk through. Our massage took place inside the old vault. Just imagine the gold bricks…

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The Ned

Once we were led to our room via a candlelit corridor, given a brief description of what to expect, and asked to point out any problem areas, it was time to begin.

With a head full of thoughts and worries from the day, we lay face down on the bed and listened to the choral background music as the masseuse infused the room with incense oil.

After washing my feet, the masseuse pressed hot Thai herbal compresses on our back and along the limbs. Despite the initial shock of the heat, it was incredibly calming and helped to disperse any pent-up energy.

Next the main event – CBD oil. Smothering the back in an extremely tender way, the masseuse began to work the MariPharm essential oil into our muscles with enough pressure to really work on those knots.

After about half an hour in, we realised that the worries had melted away and pure relaxation had set in. Whether it was the oil or the massage, the anxious thoughts had gone and we were in a state of calm.

Time ultimately slipped away and, before we knew it, the session came to an end. Opening our eyes at this point was a struggle and we longed for another hour of the wonderful treatment.

The CBD Massage at The Ned Spa had worked its magic. We had never felt so relaxed and proceeded to float out of The Ned and back into the hustle and bustle of the City.

As massages go, we urge you to book an appointment if you can. It really was a joyous experience and the perfect way to remove yourself for an hour from the stresses of 2022.

We have never felt more relaxed. What’s more, you get to keep the Thai-style hot compresses used, so you can recreate the session back at home if you feel like it. Bliss.

60min, £135 | 90min, £175

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