Review: Barrecore at 50 St Mary Axe


If there’s ever been a class to truly blow the cobwebs away, then Barrecore at 50 St Mary Axe is that.

You may have already heard of, or in fact taken a Barrecore class before, but after news that a new studio had opened up aright around the corner, we wanted to try it for ourselves and burn off all the over-indulging that comes with the holidays.

For those who haven’t heard of the fitness concept, Barrecore is a ballet inspired workout that pushes your muscles, reduces fat and improves posture. Taking place in a studio with mirrors and a pole, classes consist of moves and poses that test your fitness, balance and flexibility.

Although it is a tough session, beginners are supported throughout by the instructor.

The idea of the winter workout at 7.30am was a little daunting, especially as we made our way there in the dark, but this was short-lived. Greeted by an extremely chipper and smiley instructor, we began to feel excited and ready for the class ahead.

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Having only been once before, we decided to take part in the beginner class and were reassured that we could take it at our own pace. Kitted out in sweat-wicking kit from Natural Grace, which feels and looks amazing, we took our position on the yoga mat with a couple of 1.5kg hand weights by our side and took a deep breath.

We started the class with quick warm-up movements and stretches to get the blood pumping and our heart rates up. A test of skill, this step included balancing, which was often perfectly simple on the first leg, but a nightmare on the other. However, with a little practice and pure determination, we were able to perfect the poses in no time.

After working up a sweat it was time to pick up the weights and include them in our movements. Although they were small, the movements made for a tough ride and our arms began to feel the burn immediately.

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Think yoga or pilates with weights. Then, after a few moments of rest, we made our way to the mirrors where we held onto the bars and stretched.

These poses reminiscent of a ballet class were difficult but extremely rewarding and after each one we felt a sense of accomplishment as we pushed ourselves a little further each time.

The hour-long class finished with a few more press-ups and leg exercises on the mats before collapsing into a well-deserved cool down. Lights were lowered and the pop music was changed to a more calming beat as we followed breathing exercises to bring down our heart rates.

We left the class feeling raring to go for the day ahead and brimming with achievement. A great way to start the morning and feel healthier and calmer.

You can tell just a couple of sessions a week will lead to quick results. Bring on a fitter 2022.

Full price list available online. Starting from £10 a session.
50 St Mary Axe EC3A 8FR

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