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Each of Randox Health’s personalised, private health packages aims to provide key data and actionable insights to improve your health.

Using Randox patented technology, Randox Health screens for hundreds of sensitive disease markers to identify early signs of illness in many cases before symptoms arise, empowering you to take action to prevent or delay disease and live healthier for longer.

David Ferguson, Randox Health Director, said: “Over the past few years, we’ve seen a dramatic change in people’s behaviours as they seek to understand their health and wellbeing better. At Randox Health, we provide a range of specialised health packages that enable you to take control of your health by promoting preventative healthcare.

“When you look as closely at the body as we do, we see more, and can therefore do more to help you understand what is going on.”

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Full body health checks

The popular Everyman | Everywoman 12-month programme includes two full health checks per year to help you track and improve your health. Up to 150 data points are measured during each visit linked to key health areas such as the heart, liver, kidney, thyroid, hormones, nutrition, and iron status. A personalised health plan summarising results is provided and a consultation with a scientific expert arranged providing an opportunity to discuss key findings and next steps.

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Regular review of your health is key to understanding and maintaining good health and wellbeing. The cutting-edge Signature programme provides exclusive access to the complete Randox Health portfolio and comprises up to 350 data points measured twice per year. A follow up consultation with a GP is included who can recommend additional tests including genetic testing if required.

Female hormone testing

Our female hormone blood test is designed to identify if a hormone imbalance could be affecting your fertility, mood, weight, and energy levels. We test for eight key hormones with results available in just a few days.

Genetic testing

A range of genetic tests are available to assess your risk or predisposition to hereditary conditions including several cancers and cardiac conditions. Genetic tests are also available for lactose intolerance, Coeliac disease and haemochromatosis, the UKs most common genetic disorder.

Sexual health screening with same day results

If you are concerned about your sexual health, Randox Health offers discreet testing for 10 of the most common STIs from a simple urine sample. Same day results are available offering peace of mind from just £95.

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Why you should invest in your health

Diagnostic testing is key to understanding your physical and mental wellbeing. Whether you want to understand a specific health concern better, or learn more about your current health, Randox Health is for you.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that “at least 80 percent of all heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes could be prevented and that up to 50 percent of all cancers are preventable”.

Your health matters, so take this opportunity to get a detailed picture of your current health and identify early risk factors that could impact you in the future.

With clinics conveniently located in Chelsea, Chiswick, Fulham, St Pauls and Marylebone it’s never been easier to take control of your health.

Start your journey with Randox Health today by visiting randoxhealth.com. Use code HEALTH22 for 10 percent off all health packages.

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